God Eater Resurrection: A Very Fantastic Value for $0

Many, many months ago, Rhiss tried to talk me into playing two games together. One of them was Battleborn, where Rhiss failed. That one got to a point of “if you buy it for me I’ll feel obligated to play it with you, but that’s about it”, and mercifully, Rhiss didn’t do that (obligatory gaming is not fun).

The other was God Eater 2: Rage Burst. I don’t tend to play these monster hunting games, but it sounded interesting after explanations and videos and being told there’s a story, so I agreed to give it a try (with my own money, just to avoid confusion). We bought the PS4 version simply because although God Eater 2 comes out at the end of August, PS4 preorders on PSN got a free copy of God Eater Resurrection (aka: God Eater 1) in June. (Steam users and physical disk users get the free copy when 2 comes out.)

We’ve been playing Resurrection for a month and a half now, with no other games getting any attention. It’s much, much better than I expected, especially for a free update of what was originally a PSP game.

Rhiss' character, An, is feeling overworked from all our playing
Rhiss’ character, An (in blue), is feeling overworked from all our playing. My character is the redhead in glasses. She’s thinking about something.

Wait, there’s *more* story?

The basic premise is that you form a squad of four (and an operator, which is like office HQ support) and you go out to beat up giant monsters for story reasons and items. You use those items to make better equipment, which lets you repeat the cycle. Unlike a game like Diablo, you fight relatively few enemies, but each one is big, and most are a threat.

You use hilariously oversized weapons called “God Arcs”, which can transform between melee and gun mode. Melee weapons are daggers/swords/giant swords/hammer/spear/scythe. The interesting thing is that each of those weapons has a distinct play style. I use the spear, which lets me do charge attacks, diving charge attacks, backflips, and generally be mobile. Rhiss uses the scythe, which can deal a lot more damage, and the hammer: which deals crazy damage but is so heavy it slows you down.

Rhiss also relies almost exclusively on melee (having a shotgun for occasional close range shooting), while my gun is a sniper rifle that lets me stealth and deals more damage at longer range. I also have healing bullets for shooting allies. Finally, you can “devour” enemies (aka: your God Arc tries to eat them) for buffs. This gets essential later in the game when the difficulty ramps up. You can customize your devour styles from a substantial list, and there’s a risk vs reward issue there as the stronger ones are slower, and being slow opens you up to risk.

There’s only a few maps, which is one of the places where the PSP roots show (graphics are another, they never bothered me). That said, there is a TON of story. We did an entire story arc, and got an ending sequence. Then, the game kept going. We got another entire story arc, and last night got another ending sequence. That one is new content added to Resurrection to help tie it into God Eater 2 better. Then… there’s another story mission. So there’s still more story. Plus a huge amount of side missions, tons of things to craft I haven’t even touched yet, and such. Content wise, this game is really big, especially for a $0 add-in.

Here’s a video Rhiss took of a mission, if you’re curious. 

Confusion. Glorious, Glorious Confusion

And then, there’s the bullet editor…

I’ll admit, it’s pretty neat that you can create custom bullets. People who know what they’re doing with it can make bullets that home in on an enemy, hit, shoot up, explode in a shower of bullets downward on top of them, then explode. How you do that is not well explained, at all. It’s trial and error. As a result, the most complicated bullet I have is one that is a sniper bullet (no travel time, so better aiming) that does increased damage the farther away you are, and when it hits, a large size Divine damage shot immediately fires at the target. It’s nowhere near as powerful as bullets can get, but I understand how it works, and it’s served me very well.

Oh, and the ranking system is even weirder than usual for Japanese games. It seems the rankings go from B to SSS+. Because, no god eater left behind?

Not even SSS, but SSS+! Can't wait for the system where they use scientific notation for how many S you get.
Not even SSS, but SSS+! Can’t wait for the system where they use scientific notation for how many S you get.

Honestly, most of the weirdness just adds to the charm of the game. It’s an odd gem with it’s rough edges and all. The only exception is the unsorted crafting inventory list. That is a total nightmare with how long the list is getting now, compared to the shorter PSP game. I would appreciate that rough edge being smoothed off.

Too Bad It Didn’t Get Much Attention

God Eater Resurrection wildly surpassed my expectations. It’s held my attention for nearly two months to the exclusion of all other games. It’s been an absolute ton of fun. It effectively cost me $0, since I was going to order God Eater 2 anyway to play with Rhiss. That’s a pretty fantastic value.

The sad thing about that? There’s very little online chatter about it. It deserves better than it got on that front. God Eater 2 is a much newer game, so maybe it’ll draw more attention.

Still, if you are at all interested in giant monster hunting games and haven’t played this one, give it a shot.

An discovers coffee and stays awake. Background rack has our weapons. The white/purple one is my spear. Yes, it is taller than I am. It also transforms into a sniper rifle. What's not to love about that?
An discovers coffee and stays awake. Background rack has our weapons. The white/purple one is my spear. Yes, it is taller than I am. It also transforms into a sniper rifle. What’s not to love about that?


(Special thanks to Rhiss for all the screenshots.)

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