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NERO Production Calculator

Current Version: 1.0.7 (released April 24, 2003) Whats New?


This is the page to download prodCalc, the NERO Production Calculator.

Production skills are abilities that allow you to create items, be that Potions, Weapons, Alchemy, Scrolls, or Armour. This calculator does not do formal magic calculations, I may create another one for that if there is interest. (if you want it, email me)


How the hell do I use this thing!?

Pick a production type in the top left corner, and set the other options you care about. (enable a workshop to factor that in, and enter your skill level if you want the calculator to warn you when you try to make something you can't actually make)

Select items to make from the dropdown boxes on the right, and enter a quantity for each item. Values are updated automatically.

Thats it!