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Phorum 5 Modules

These modules are written by me to extend Phorum 5. Much like Phorum 5 itself, these should be considered beta quality. They work for me and some other users, but may have bugs. Any problems you find should be posted to the relevant thread, linked to by "More Information".

The license is included in the header of each .php file.

To install, extract the archive into your phorum5/mods directory. Then go into the administration interface, and go to modules. Setup and enable them from there.

Example Module (version 1.0 - August 12 2004) - This module is an example. It doesn't do anything particularly useful, but does have easy to demonstrate features, and easy to read code. Its meant to help new module writers get a feel for what you can do, and how you can do it. More Information.

Pre-Approval (version 1.1) - This module is designed to work in a moderated forum. It allows you to specify a group of users who have their posts show up immediately, without needing moderator approval. It can also be configured to work for all registered users, making only anonymous posters get moderator approval. More Information.

Email All Posts (version 1.3) - This simple module sends an email to a configured address for every message posted to a message board. Useful for archival purposes, or if you have users who want to get emails of every post. (in that case they should be on a mailing list and this module should email the list). More Information.

Named Posting (version 1.2 - August 25 2004) - This module allows registered users to post with any name they want, instead of only being able to use their username. It also allows a user to have two default names and two default signatures, a primary one and an alternate one. Which forums use the alternate one by default is configurable from the module settings interface. This module requires template changes to be fully functional. READ THE DOC.TXT FILE INCLUDED IN THE ARCHIVE BEFORE USING THIS MODULE!. More Information.

Online Users (version 2.3.1 - November 24 2004)) - This module creates a simple list of recently active users on the forum. It honors the users "allow others to track my activity" settings, and will not show any user who prefers to be hidden. It also allows for caching the data to improve performance. More Information.

Avatars (version 2.1.1 - November 23 2004) - This module allow users to have Avatars (pictures) that show up in their posts. Users can have multiple avatars to select, as well as block the display of avatars (for those who are annoyed by them). This module requires template changes in order to function, suggestions of which are made in the included readme.txt fle. More Information.

User Ranks (version 1.3 - November 23 2004) - This module allows you to set ranks for users based on the number of posts they have. It also supports custom ranks for individual users, and a rank for all anonymous users. More Information.

Switch User (version 1.0 - September 7 2004) - This script allows an administrator to become another user. It is useful for debugging problems. You should be careful just who you give Administrator access to if you have this script installed. More Information.

Real Name User List (version 1.0) - This function modifies the dropdown userlist (in group moderation and send a private message to name two places) to also display the real_name profile value for each user, if set. More Information.

List Moderators (version 1.0) - Similar to onlineusers, this module instead lists all the forum moderators of the forum the user is currently looking at. More Information.