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NERO Build Calculator

Current Version: 1.0.6 (released June 20, 2003) Whats New?


This is the page to download buildCalc, the NERO Build Calculator.

buildCalc is a program that given your current statistics, can do the math to figure out what future events will be worth to you. It can handle simple blankets, max outs, and turning in a specified amount of coin for training.

It also has features that allow currently existing characters to calculate how many blankets they have obtained, and to add an arbitrary number of blankets without clicking the button over and over again.

Its main advantage over the Javascript calculator is speed. Being a program that runs on your computer rather then runs inside a browser makes it tremendously faster, especially when responding to button clicks or doing large operations. It also has more features then the Javascript version.


If you are new to NERO and would like an overview of just how the experience system works (and what the numbers buildCalc spits out really mean), try this page.

How the hell do I use this thing!?

I never claimed to be good at creating easy to use User Interfaces. :)

Basically, the first thing you do is go down to "Set Starting Values" in the bottom left, and put in your character information. You can then use the "Set" button to make that stick. If you don't do this, the program uses a Level 1 character by default.

After that, you pick your event length. The program on the right hand side will now show your current stats, as well as how much build you will get for your next event of that length. If you want to see how you will look in a few events, you can use the "Add Blanket" and "Add Maxout" buttons to add some event experience to your character.

A better interface would be nice, but I think I would save that for something a bit more elaborate, such as a full blow character designer. :)