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(POST BOX STOREE) The Friend of My Enemy is My Friend - or Something Like That (POST BOX STOREE)

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-03-12 00:00:00

*SM_007 slowly woke up. After the room stopped spinning, he realized that he was tied and bound to a chair. He struggled to loosen himself, but to no avail. He sighed, then looked over beside him, and saw two other men tied to chairs beside him, still unconsious. He remembered that one of them was Psycho Sam!, and the other one was MysteryMan, who was leading him around until they were overpowered. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a door opening, even though he couldn't see anything as the room was very dark.*

Orazath: Ah, you have awakened.

SM_007: Ungh, where am I?

Orazath: In our secret lair. However, you will now answer our questions.

SM_007: But I don't know anything! I lost my memory!

Orazath: You did?

SM_007: Yeah! I think it has something to do with a bomb, but that's all I have heard.

Orazath: Unusual. I suppose we shall have to recieve information from another one of these captives. !Mas, put this one back to sleep, and awake MysteryMan. He shall tell us what we wish to know.

*Psycho !Mas starts walking over to SM_007, then turns around and punches Orazath in the face. Ozarath was suprised and fell to the ground, unconscious.*

Psycho !Mas: Hurry, we don't have much time. I have got to get you guys out of here.

SM_007: What's going on?

*Psycho !Mas sighed, then took out a needle. He drained a sirynge into it, then placed it in the arm of Psycho Sam!. As he was giving Sam! the needle, he replied to SM_007.*

Psycho !Mas: To make a long story short, those people from the void are your evil twins. But Psycho Sam! is my evil twin. I'm the good one. We switched places a long, long time ago.

SM_007: Oh. Well, that makes sense, I guess. But why isn't Sam! evil, then?

Psycho !Mas: Well, he actually is. He is just more insane and eccentric than anything else. That's why he wanted to leave the evil universe in the first place. It was too much for even him. He seems to prefer a place where he can work on his experiments in peace.

*Psycho Sam! came to while Psycho !Mas placed the needle in the arm of MysteryMan.*

Psycho Sam!: Ugh, my head. Where am I?

SM_007: I dunno. Is it true that you are the evil twin?

Psycho Sam!: Well--

Psycho !Mas: There's no time for chitchat! When that Dark Templar wakes up, he will be prepared and can use his psionic powers to kill us before we even know what's happening!

*As MysteryMan began to stir, Psycho !Mas threw him over his shoulder, and ran out of the room followed by a now-untied SM_007 and Psycho Sam!.*

*The Psycho twins, SM_007 and MysteryMan are running down a hallway when they bump right into MS-700, Sudirt, and WellKnownGuy. They all state at each other in an odd silence. Suddenly, Sudirt grabs the head of MS-700 in one hand, the head of WellKnownGuy in the other, and smashes them together. They both crumple to the floor, unconscious.*

Sudirt: Quick! MysteryMan, do you know where Sashie is?

MysteryMan: What? What's going on?!

Sudirt: Hold on just a second.

*Sudirt rearranges the letters in his name.*

Tridus: Ah, that's better!

Psycho Sam!: Tridus! It's you!

Tridus: Damn straight! Sudirt locked me in the other dimension and took my place! And he is in court or jail or SOMETHING, and he has Sashie with him! He was the one who tried to rig the election and went all evil!

MysteryMan: Don't worry! I can take you down to my building and have this all cleared up in no time!

*They are all running out the door of the abondoned warehouse they were in, when SM_007 spots a wood chipper just outside of the front door.*

SM_007: Hold on for a second, guys!

Tridus: Why? What are you doing?

*SM_007 ignores him, walking back into the building. After a few seconds, he comes out dragging the bodies of WellKnownGuy and MS-700. He then proceeds to shove them in the wood chipper and turn it on.*

SM_007: There, a job well-done.

Psycho !Mas: Ugh, that's disgusting!

Psycho Sam!: Oh, don't be such a nitpicker. I think that whole woodchipper bit was very creative! SM_007 has real potential as a psychopath!

SM_007: What, this isn't normal? You guys don't like me putting people in wood chippers?

MysteryMan: Not really.

SM_007: Damn! See, this is why I need my memory back! I keep forgetting the little things, like what we do with our enemies once we have beaten them.

Tridus: Well, at least those two are gone. But we need to get out of here and find Sashie! I can't even imagine what that freak using my name might be doing with her!

SM_007: Her? Isn't it a laptop?

Tridus: Well...

MysteryMan: Nevermind that now! This story is already long enough! To the Project Sigma forum!

*MysteryMan points towards the sky, with a determined look on his face. The others just shrug and continue walking. After a few seconds, MysteryMan stops pointing forward and follows.*

No, not really... I can't back that up.

Changes by dis storee:
1. MS-700 and WellKnownGuy are both dead.
2. Sudirt was actually Tridus, and vice versa. Sudirt has Sashie, wherever he is right now...
3. Psycho Sam! is and was actually the evil twin all along, which explains a lot, don't it? :)
4. Psycho !Mas is now helping the "good guys" in their battle with evil.
5. Orazath was knocked out, and is sure to be mad when he wakes up.
6. SM_007 still has no memory, and is therefore acting a little...out of character, you might say.


We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

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