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The Twin Pardox

Author: rRaminrodt ()
Date: 2000-03-11 00:00:00

The Twin Pardox

or How The Psycho got his Spots.

by rRaminrodt

The dry ground crunched under President MysteryMan's feet, behind him walked SM_007. The presidents friend has lost his memory and MysteryMan worried about SM. But the most dominating thought in his mind was the urge to stop Psysco Sam from hurting anyone with the bombs. MysteryMan was tired, after his fighting with Tridus and all this walking he wondered if he could stay awake any longer.

SM_007: Excuse me, uh MysteryMan. I'm not quite sure, but is that normal?

SM points at an puplish blue energy swirl in the air.

MysteryMan: What the? *he stares at it for a minute* It doesn't seem to be doing anything.

MysteryMan picks up a stick lying on the ground and pokes it into the vortex. He swishes it around and pulls it out.

MysteryMan: *looking at the stick* didn't seem to do anything.

Suddenly a loud engine noise is heard and a large metal object falls out of the vortex which promptly closes.

Both MysteryMan and SM_007 back away from what looks like a heavily damaged seige tank, missing its turret and held together with hastily made welds.

Not soon after the hatch pops open and nothing else happens. Growing bolder MysteryMan climbs up onto the tank to look inside.

MysteryMan: Theres no one inside, and I don't even think it has anymore fuel. This is strange, too strange.

SM_007: I really don't know about that, that kind of thing could happen everyday. *looks depressed* I wouldn't know.

MysteryMan: Don't worry. Its not normal, but we'll get to the bottom of this!

----- Scene: A dark alley -----

A police officer is patrolling his area when he speis someone standing at the back of the alley. He steps into the alley and loosens his weapon in its holster.

Officer: Sir, please identify your businnes back there.

The man says nothing, and the officer steps closer and spies a large letter "R" embossed on the man's jacket.

Officer: Oh. Excuse me, I didn't realise you were with Riptide.

Man: *raises arm and waves* thats fine.

The officer steps closer to the man. Close enough to see that he's working on some kind of electonic device the size of a football. He steps closer to see the divice when he notices the man's face.

Officer: Hey, I don't recognise you!

Man: Ohhh. You shouldn't have come any closer.

He holds up another device he pulled from inside his jacket.

Man: Before you go, I want you to know who you've just messed with.

Officer: *pulling out his gun* Hands up...

Man: Sorry, but you're to slow... Should've learned not to mess with: Rolando!

A bright flash illuminates the dark alley and a second later the was only one man left in the alley.


Psycho Sam! stared at his new home and smiled (more than usual). He proudly walked up to his keep and pulled on the door handle. The door din't bulge, Sam just stared and then looked down at his robotic companion.

Psycho Sam!: I thought it would be unlocked.

Voice: I thought it would be unlocked.

Psycho Sam!: *turns to see whos talking* Hey!

A figure jumps out from behind a rock, Grinning like a maniac.

Psycho !Mas: He he he. I bought it. Not you...

Psycho Sam!: For me! You bought it for me.

Psycho !Mas: Thats what you thought *grins even craizier*

Psycho Sam!: What!? Who else would want a keep like this.

Psycho !Mas: My boss.

A new sound could be heard nearby, the steady beat of running feet.

MysteryMan: Your mad bombing streak is over!

MyseryMan and SM_007 charge over the hill. MysteryMan leaps toward sam and knocks him over. SM however notices the twin Psychos.

SM: Now, I think that this isn't normal.

A new voice, deep and gravelly, can be heard from rthe now open door to the keep. Then a figure cloaked in dark robes materialises.

Figure: I am Orazath, the dark templar.

MM: Like from starcraft... you were in the siege tank!

Orazath: Mmmm. Yes, That was I. My friends here prepared the way for my escape from the place between worlds that was my prison. My bretheren locked me there, but now I am free with the help of my new allies. He snaps his fingers and new figures emerged from the keep and run toward our heroes.

Orazath: Meet Psycho !Mas, MS-700, Sudirt, and even WellKnownGuy. Interesting fellows I met in the void. Seems to me they have positins to *ahem* fill here...

The new enities rush into the midst and takle our heros and knonck them out.


Rolando looked up at the sign above the trialer: rCC Incorporated.
He grinned tightly and pulled the device out of the bag he was carrying it in.

Rolando: *to himself* This is for ruining my chances of running things. This is the last time you figure anything out rRaminrodt.

Rolando's finger presses the large button on the back of the device...


Note: I felt like we didn't have any cool villians running around. THis should make things more interesting =)
the evil dark templar is stuck between dimensions.
Rolando is after rRaminrodt for ruining his chance of taking over.


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