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a nice quiet chat.

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-03-11 00:00:00

*Tridus sits down and looks at Sashie... after a moment decides to speak*

T - Its good to see you...

*Sashie doesn't do annything*

T - hello?


T - *sigh*... Sashie, wake up!

*Sashie wakes up*

T - thats better!

S - sorry daddy... it was scary, so i went sleepy.

T - its ok sweetie... this will all be over soon, daddy has a plan. If any of those men do anything mean to you, you be sure to hurt them ok?

S - ok daddy.

T - good... now go back to sleep sweetie, daddy is going to go take care of this.

*Tridus gets up and walks back into the court room*

T - Your honor, I request time served as the sentance.

MM - What?? why should we go that easy on you after all you did to us??

T - I contest that I never actually did anything to you. I could have killed all of you, but I didn't. I put you into dungeons, I knocked you out.. I did all kinds of things to slow you down, but I *never* killed any of you.

T - I also have a case on appel, as I don't have to accept the authority of this court to come into my home province of Quebec illegally, kidnap me, break into my property, cause damage to my home, and committ gross theft against me by stealing Sashie. By keeping her locked away, you are also guiltiy of cruel and unusual punishment.

T - So, I offer you this. You let both of us go immediately, and I won't sue you for everything your bloodline will ever be worth for the next 200 years. I won't bring the government of Canada down on your heads, and I won't unleash a plethora of angry Slashdot flamers on you for your flagrant mistreatment of an innocent computer. In fact, I might just tell them that you force everyone to buy Microsoft software just to make them even madder.

T - *smiles smugly* What do you have to say to that, your honor?

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