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"Bastard? Watch your mouth, you know what this mallet is for, right?

Author: Reed ()
Date: 2000-03-11 00:00:00

"Bastard? Watch your mouth, you know what this mallet is for, right," asks MysteryMan, holding the mallet up. He glares at Tridus, who looks down.

"Good...now, these are the jury," MysteryMan tells the audience. They look and see Akardam, Sid, and SoulTaker sitting in the jury box. All the other seats are empty.

"I choose these three because they went with me to battle Tridus, and two of them," motioning to Akardam and Sid, "actually fought with him...or tried." MysteryMan glared at Sid, who shifted nervously.

"Now...I think it's obvious he's guilty. He actually walked out to Riptide, and announced that a bomb would explode, if I wasn't given to him. He also changed his name to Dark Lord...doesn't that sound evil!" announces MysteryMan. The jury nod in agreement.

"I protest this!" Tridus stands up angrily.

"Well, what do you plead?"

The audience yells, "Guilty, guilty!"

Tridus looks back. Everyone in Riptide is there. "Um...guilty..."

The audience screams. Some cheer, some moan, some cry.

"Wait! I'm not done yet! I feel my crime wasn't so great...ask Sashie!"

The audience screams, "Let him talk! Let him talk!"

MysteryMan looks disgusted. "Ok...because I know you will whine and whine and whine, you can talk to Sashie in private for 7 minutes...she can be your lawyer, in a way. But remember she is in custody!"

Tridus walks to the door that's marked, "Custody" and enters it. He sees Sashie sitting on a chair...in another room that is separated by glass. A speak is on a desk, so he can talk to Sashie...

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