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'You have the right to incriminate yourself'

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-03-11 00:00:00

*a handcuffed Tridus walks in arrogantly with the two Mystery Men and makes his way to the defendants area. He sits down for all of about four seconds, then gets up again.*

Tridus - Where is Sashie?

*The Mystery Men look at each other and shrug*

Tridus - My laptop you idiots!

MM1 - Custody.

T - Custody? You ignorant oaf! You go get her and bring her out here this instant, as her legal guardian I hearby order you to do it now!

*The Mystery Men, and the entire courtroom for that matter, has a good laugh at Tridus' expense*

T - arghh... don't you morons realize that she's probably scared to death right now not knowing where I am or whats going on?

*They shrug*

T - You heartless bastards.... if anything happens to her, and I mean *anything*, then may whatever gods you believe in have mercy on your souls.... because after I get done with you, that is all that is going to be left!

*In his anger, Tridus looks familiar to the old Dark Lord again, with the same cold, ruthless, fear inspiring eyes staring directly at the two Mystery Men as though he could kill them with just sheer force of will*

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