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Dark Lord Tridus/Tridus's punishment...

Author: Reed ()
Date: 2000-03-11 00:00:00

"Do you think Riptide will be mad at me? I hope not...I just got angry," Tridus asks Sashie.

"Of course not, because you are the bestest daddy in the whole, wild world," piped Sashie.

Tridus opens his mouth to respond, but a bullet hits one of his windows and shatters it. His door is hit by bullets and opens. A figure jumps through the window.

Mystery Men#1 walks through the door. Mystery Men#2 had jumped through the window. They began to walk towards Tridus.

"Um...hi guys? How's MysteryTalk doing! Yeah...um, why'd you come in through my window and door," asks Tridus nervously.

"You could have booby-trapped one of them," Mystery Men#2 tells him.

"Sir, you must come with us. You're going to a trial, where you will accept the consequences of your actions," Mystery Men#1 tells him.

Tridus backs away. "Guys...please don't! I won't let you!"

Mystery Men#2 removes his gun, and wacks Tridus on the head with it. Tridus falls to the ground.

1 Day later...

MysteryMan walks up to a microphone. "My fellow forumers, I am sorry to do this, but Tridus will go to a trial...well, you already know that, because that's why we are in a court room!"

The people in the court, who have been looking blank, suddenly nod.

"Well...let the trial begin."

The two Mystery Men, walking besides a hand-cuffed Tridus, walk in the room...

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