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**MysteryMan walks down to the Death Match**

Author: Reed ()
Date: 2000-03-10 00:00:00

MysteryMan(While drinking pune juice)- What happened?

Y2T - I dunno...one of the NWD was killed...

MysteryMan - Yesss!

Y2T - No, that's bad! He wasn't killed in the ring! You've been bad all day, picking the fight with the NWD and all!

MysteryMan - Well, it's my first death match! Well...the first one I've been to. I'd like to be in one...

**Y2T starts to say something, but walking down the hall sadly, is the NWD.**

MysteryMan(Sarcastically) - Oh, I'm reaaaaal sorry guys.

**Y2T stares angrily at MysteryMan**

Peak_Man(Not understanding sarcasm yet)- T'anks...

British - You idiot! He insulted him! Kill him!

**Peak_Man grabs MysteryMan.**

Peak_Man - Duh-huh, Peak kill someone today!

MysteryMan - Wait! Peak_Man...we can be friends! Can't you see, pal? The NWD treats you like garbage, telling you to go sit in the corner.

**Peak_Man lowers MysteryMan a little**

MysteryMan - I make jokes, remember? I made you laugh! We can be friends...

British(Impatient) - Just kill him!

Peak_Man(Turning around) - No! He my friend!

**Peak_Man slaps British. British flies through the air, knocked out**

Y2T(Grabbing MysteryMan) - Stop picking fights, you will get us both killed! Let's go!

**Y2T and MysteryMan walk out as the NWD shouts angrily at Peak_Man...**


"The Phoenix can be reborn, but it is never the same"

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