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As the paramedics come down to the ring...

Author: rRaminrodt ()
Date: 2000-03-10 00:00:00

they begin checking the bodies to confirm their lifeless sate. A group of police photographers come in to take pictures of the

Sid6.9 comes out of the back offices to try and shoo the police

Sid: I thought I told you that killing was allowed in here!

Officer #1: We know, we were sent in to take photos only.

Officer #2: And provide a screen for that guy... *he points at a
darkened figure at the side of the ring.*

The man climbs up into the ring, the tall thin fellow is dressed
in a plain suit and is carrying a utra-thin briefcase.

Sid: You! I was wondering where you had run off to.

rRaminrodt: Well, after the bomb went off I had to report back
to my superiors.

Sid: Huh? What are you talking about.

rRaminrodt: With all the killing that goes around here The
Government had planted a spy on your staff. That was me, by the

Sid: *acts tough* If you're a spy why are you telling me this?

rRaminrodt: I'm not spying anymore. You were Peter for half the
time I worked for you anyway.

Sid: Oh yeah.

rRaminrodt: But I am here to watch the matches anyway. And
represnt my superiors. *smiles*

Hands Sid some papers from the breifcase.

rRaminrodt: This is a copy of my orders. For you to read over if
you wish.

rRaminrodt walks away from the ring to the music of the 1812
overture, while Sid chases after him yelling obscenities....




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