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I'm going to be gone for about two weeks (completely out of contact)

Author: Ravage! ()
Date: 2000-05-22 00:00:00

I think this may classify as a technical post so i used the tech support tag.

My hardrive suffered a massive shock today (i heard it sizzle)

So i'm going to be getting a new comp within a week or two (FINALY)

specs for those who are interested

AMD (possibly athlon) 650 (OC'd to 750)
TNT Geforce2 GTS (overclocked as well :)
128 megs o' ram
20 gig hd
sound blaster live (gamer-x)
my own flatbed scanner.
an environmental audio speaker system.
and brand new desk with a cherry on top.

I managed to back up 2 megs of textures then it went "fizz" and then i went "holy shit!"

and then i shut it off and disconnected it.
this was posted from my dads comp.

see you in two weeks.

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