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But this is not the end. He left politics in '84. But he came back for Meech. He came back for Charlottetown. He came back to remind us of who we are and what we're all capable of. But he won't be coming back anymore. It's all up to us, all of us, now. The woods are lovely, dark and deep. He has kept his promises and earned his sleep. Je t'aime Papa.
- Justin Trudeau
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rouge? hmm, I hope he doesn't wear rouge. That would be weird.

Author: undertow ()
Date: 2000-05-22 00:00:00

rogue, silly, not rouge!

*sticks out tongue

"A child's rhyme stuck in my head,
it said that life is but a dream,
I've spent so many years in question,
to find I've known this all along"

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