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How many of you people live in apartments?

Author: El cazador ()
Date: 2000-05-21 00:00:00

Since I'm hungry and about to leave too, I decided to answer your rant with a bit of pointless ranting myself. I'm in a ranting mood. :)

On Sunday, May 21, 2000 at 6:48:50 PM Senator Psycho Sam! wrote:
>Nobody logged into the forum right now... I guess I'll be off to play a bit of Pokemon Stadium before moving some more furniture into the basement.

--- Am I the only idiot who lives in an apartment? I just keep reading these things about basements and cellars, "my" patio, "my" front lawn,... It's a cultural thing I bet, but I haven't met any one north american saying he lives in an apartment. (Then again, Edgar (Edge) lives in NY. That's like a sinonym to apartment, right?)

>I like living in my basement (aside form the fact that my computer has to stay upstairs and I can't bring it with me... Lousy me, only owning 75% or so of the computer... Soon I shall buy new parts, and add them to all the upgrades I've placed in this computer, and take the other 30% (actually, I just claimed the monitor was mine) that I bought originally! Then I shall have my own computer! And this one will be back where it was in 1996! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! Except of course, it'll be using a TV screen instead of a computer monitor, until I buy myself one because the one I've got right now isn't that great... Am I rambling again?

--- A TV for monitor will have you wearing glasses faster than staring directly to the sun for a couple of hours. Trust me, I know... *flashbacks to his early years sitting two feet away from the T.V.* Unless you're like... sitting in bed, eating on a tray, clicking at the mouse and the T.V. is a 60" monster on the other corner of the basement.

--- And I know what you mean by sharing your comp. My two brothers and I have a "promiscuos" relationship with the same comp. It's like the musketeers. "One for all, and all for one".

>Ah well...
>On another note, I think there's something odd about my rabbit. It keeps dumping its water dish. And what happened when I put a heavier one in? The rabbit dragged it around until it dumped anyway! I think there's something wrong here...

--- They say Rabbit poop looks just like Cocoa Puffs. We stopped buying Cocoa Puffs after knowing that. And rabbits aren't as good as dogs for a pet (No offense undertow). They don't bark, they don't learn, they bite and sleep all day. I suggest keeping the tray empty till the rabbit dies. Then you can get a dog. :)

Or a parrot. Parrots rock!

>Maybe I'll be online later. Talk to ya all later!
>I lost the election
>3 times in a row,
>and all I got was this lousy TAG!

y'know, I voted for you. I think. Waitaminnit... I'm not really sure right now. No wait, YES! I did.. on second thought... hmmm...

El cazador

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