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Perhaps it is just my strictly human upbringing, but I would think that a wedding ceremony being officiated by one's wife would be somewhat awkward."Do you, my husband, take this woman to be your wife?"
- Thomas Aybara
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Saw Gladiator today! Damn, that was a cool movie.

Author: undertow ()
Date: 2000-05-21 00:00:00

"no spoilers for you!"-spoiler nazi

Seriously, if you haven't seen this movie, go see it. It kicks all ass.

"A child's rhyme stuck in my head,
it says that life is but a dream,
I've spent so many years in questioning,
to find I've known this all along"

Saw Gladiator today! Damn, that was a cool movie. - undertow - 2000-05-21 00:00:00
-Yeah, yeah. Everyone keeps sayin' that. :P But trust me, I am gonna go see it first chance I get... - SM_007 - 2000-05-21 00:00:00