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A nonstoryverse story brought to you by Colgate Toothpate and and Champion!

Author: rRaminrodt ()
Date: 2000-05-19 00:00:00


Across the Ages


A fantasy story involving things ripped out of the forum and the storyverse and misused for fun and profit. Full of anachronisms and oddities, both funny and serious and an entertaining read. (I hope) By rRaminrodt the Illustrious



In the first days of the world the Nine Makers sought out the truth on the shores of Eridsan, the northern continent. With them they brought the peoples of the East to the new land to serve them and live in the empty lands. When the hulls of their ships first hit ground the made their first camp, the Nine raised up a tall stone calling it the Wall which would mark the beginning of their domain to the sun. One of the Nine, the Artisan, stayed on that island to make it his home as others and their companions left for the main land beyond. He called his city the Sea Wall.

Eight finished their journey, and claimed the New World as theirs. The Grower took his people south to the fertile lands and they spread out there, to produce the bread of the new land. The Writer pitched his grand tent to the west of where they landed so that his people could settle the disputes between his companions. The Healer remained with him to make sure their services could be shared between all also.

Proud and quiet, the Warrior went southwest to mountains that could guard the lands from the beasts of the south. To the north went the Wizard, whose people would craft new Elements to replace what they left behind. And further into the west went the Builder who made great roads along his path until he found mountains rich in ores where he settled. With him had traveled the Thinker and Explorer, who still wished to go further west, and they did to the Islands of Lladrach. Here the Thinker found quiet his people needed.

And now there was just the last of the nine, the Explorer, who had sent his people amongst the others to prepare them for the journey. And so they became one with their pupils and Explorer was alone. He returned to the continent and traveled. Far and long he traveled Eridsan, looking for places he had never been. Until long after his eight brothers passed from the memories of man.

Ages have passed now and the face of Eridsan is different the old races are gone and new lines have been formed, but some still say the Explorer still travels the land… searching.

PART ONE: Monks and the Sea CH 1

The light wind was bitter cold up on the walls of the monastery. Jahr Megan fought down the urge to walk back inside the building where it was warm, there was someone counting on him down on the ground. Well, not counting on him but waiting for him to get this done. Jahr opened up the bag he had carried up onto the wall and pulled its contents out and placed them on the wall. He pushed them off and crossed his fingers.

Both began falling off the high wall. Each was a large hollow ball made with a heavy leather. One he had filled with sand, the other with old rags from the kitchen. It was time to test his numbers. He heard a shout from down below and jumped up from where he was crouching. He sprinted into the door and began running down the stairs robes flapping behind him. He nearly crashed into two brothers who were discussing something. Jahr could only shout a brief, "I'm sorry," as he continued his own descent.

Finally he reached the door to the courtyard, panting he crashed through the door and saw Manol sitting on a bench waiting for him. Nearby were two leather balls, one pushed into the dirt more than the other.

Jahr looked up at Manol, "Well?" The current state of the balls worried him.

"Well, I guess you were right you crackpot."

"What? Really?"

Manol shook his head, "No. Not really. Of course, I wouldn't lie. They hit at the same time. It startled me, but the heavier one did crash harder."

Jahr did a little dance, "I can't believe I'm right. This vindicates all my work. Whoo-hoo, you can't believe how happy I am."

Manol just laughed at his thin friend, "Sure I can."


= = =


Twelve miles east of the Sharad Monastery, on the coast, is the City of Riptide. Somewhere in that town is the inn called the Singing Turtle, and in that building a man just shook off the light rain that had attached itself to his cloak. He handed it to the serving girl and asked her a question.

"Is there a man named Stefan here?"

The girl nodded politely, "In one of the back rooms, the Maple Leaf room."

"That’s very good of you to remember," he smirked a bit and slipped a small coin into her hand. He walked into the back room looking for a door with a leaf carved on it. He found the door and opened it; he quietly stepped inside and closed the door behind him. He turned to face the inhabitant of the room, the man was a burly fellow wearing a rumpled uniform of an Alliance Guardsman.

The man frowned, "You're late."

"So sorry Richard. I had to come quite a distance to get here." He straightened his fine garb and sat down.

"Don't give me that Tridus. I had to come across the mountains from Gatmelring, you had to come across town. You know how important this is."

Tridus sighed, "Don't blame me, it was Sashenka. She was slow in her lessons today…"

Richard laughed, "She is a handful," he stressed the word is. "How is your daughter anyway? Why didn't she come with you?"

"She's fine and is running errands. Besides, I didn't really think it was safe bringing her."

The other man jumped out his chair exclaiming, "Not safe?"

"Oh calm down." He waved his friend to sit, "The inn is safe, it's warded like crazy."

He sat, "You're the Mage. I wouldn't know. But what do you mean about 'not safe?'"

Tridus cursed, "Do you think this entire business is safe? She doesn't need to know all the details, in fact I'd prefer her not to. So stop jumping all over the place. What did you find out?"

"My General was ill this week so I had to go through all his paperwork. Mostly mundane stuff, but one letter stood out. One of the men in another division's mother wrote to him complaining the Guard should do something about a crazy man in their town."

Tridus nodded, "Go on."

"Well, she said that this madman named Samuel, they all just call him the Psycho though… Well, every once in a while he mutters things that make sense, scary stuff. And he disappears into the woods every once in a while for a week. This town is near Gatmelring, so I go over. And after a day of searching I find this Samuel in a barn sleeping." Richard pauses to clear his throat, "Well, I try to talk to him. He doesn't say much but he says one word over and over. And it scared me enough to call you."

Tridus stared solemnly, "What was it?"

"He kept repeating 'evahl'. Now do you know why I'm so nervous?"

Tridus said nothing and just stared. Then in a flash he pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and began scribbling a letter.

The Gaurdsman tried to read what he was writing. "What are you doing?"

"We're going back to Gatmelring, this is a note for Sashie."

"Now?" Stefan exclaimed.

"You bet. I had no idea things had crept this far north already." He shook his head and muttered, "Gatmelring… I can't believe it. We really aren't safe anymore."

Richard just put a hand to his chin and rested his elbow on the table, "Now I know this isn't good."

Tridus looked up from the paper, "Done. I'm going back to my house to put this note there and to pack some things, while I'm gone get your stuff and get your horse ready."

"I don't have a horse."

"You walked all the… nevermind, I'll bring another with me when I come back." He pointed his finger, "Be ready!"


= = =

Sashenka Tridus stared at the monastery the large building had been added onto year after year, but all within the original walls; this made for a very tall mishmash structure in the center of the whole thing. She led her mount up to the front gate and pounded on the doorknocker.

It a partition at the top slid open and the monk on the other side asked, "Hello. Could you please tell me your business inside these walls today?"

She nodded, "I have a message for the Abbot from Christus Tridus, Mage of…"

"That’s enough. He's been expecting you. Just give me a second to unlock the door."

She waited as the monk pulled the clunky latches back and opened the ponderously. She walked her horse in while the now out of breath brother helped her get down.

He grabbed the horse's reins, "I'll put him in the stable for you. When you're ready to leave I'll go get him."

She nodded and since she had been here a couple times before, walked toward the door to the main staircase but almost tripped in two odd looking divots in the ground near the wall. She avoided them and walked up a few flights of stairs until reaching the abbots chambers. She paused at the door as she could hear people talking on the other side, it sounded like the abbot was admonishing a monk about safety and dropping things. She decided to knock on the door, which she did.

She heard the abbot call her in so she opened the door. As she stepped in a tall thin monk with a disappointed expression stepped out. He glanced at her for a second and then continued on his way, she faced the abbot and smiled.

"Bad day?"

"Don't mind Brother Megan, he's a good fellow, but he doesn't get out much anymore. Not that I blame him, the world isn't the place it used to be."

She opened up he cloak and pulled out a letter, "I think that’s probably what my father wants to talk to you about." She handed him the letter.

While opening it he motioned her to sit. "Thank you," she sat down and folded her hands in her lap. While waiting for the old monk to read her fathers letter she probed the surrounding room with her mind, not surprisingly the abbot had quite a few magical items in the chamber, but she wasn't practiced enough yet to tell what they were.

She looked up with a start when the old man started coughing. "Are you all right abbot?" she asked while getting up.

His coughing fit over the abbot shook his head, "Sorry my dear. Your fathers letter stole my breath away." He stared at her, "Do you know what this letter says?" She nodded. "All right, I'll get it for him, but there are ceremonies we must perform before I take it out of the monastery. He will have it tomorrow, I'll send some trustworthy monks to bring it to your house."

"That should be good… Although I won't be back home until after then most likely. I have to go to Yhillis to see," she put her hand over her head indicating someone tall, "you know."

He nodded. "Good luck on your journey then. Your father will have it tomorrow."

She held his wrinkled hand for a second and quietly left the room.

----------------------------------------------------- Like, dislike? If you liked it I'll continue. And the baddies are forumers too just so you know :)
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A nonstoryverse story brought to you by Colgate Toothpate and and Champion! - rRaminrodt - 2000-05-19 00:00:00
-Cool! I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter =) - SoulTaker - 2000-05-20 00:00:00
-I'm definitely curious (and therefore, interested). I wanna read more. :) - SM_007 - 2000-05-19 00:00:00