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Ok, Story Time...

Author: Tyrant~|TOA| ()
Date: 2000-03-10 00:00:00

Quest for Power
Chapter 1

   The rolling hills glittered like diamonds in the night. The bright light from the full moon above lent a mystical air to an otherwise normal evening. The Clear sky was light with the multitude of the heavans watching us. Each eye a distant God, a far power that untill recently remained distant.
   Morgroth, the evil dark lord of the VOID had defeated one of the leser Gods. One who's name held no meaning to us here in the Plains or Ankara. We watched as the faling God Raced across the sky in an atempt to out run the ruinous powers of the dark lord. Alas it was to no avail and the Body fell to the Earth with such a clamourous shuttering. It was as if the Great Entity, father of all Gods had been hurt. The hills shook and a great fire scorched the Earth to the south. The leagues were great but such was the fury of a dieing God the Horizon was alight for many nights.
   Just this night past, in the final death throes, did the God finnally commit its soul to what ever resting place Gods go to. The Earth yet trembles with the loss, shurly somwhere deciples mourn.
   Work and the hunt takes us away from the dead God. Though we would like to see what one looks like, forgive me Sephtilla, even a dead one. Our histories tell of only two other Gods whos fate was Similar. It is told one such death brought a great winter to all the lands. Many of the greater beasts died and have not been seen scince. It is said that the Earth was reformed then. Oceans from dry land and mountains from plains. It was this that the VOID first appeared and has slowly been growing. This was all many life times ago and few live now that would care to recall that day and its events.
   It will be soon enough when news reaches us from our kin to the south.

   The morning brings a clear sky. The hue is of the ocean many leagues to the west. The Gold Coast, a wonder to behold. If only we could one day venture there again. The soft warm sand, even the ocean is warm. It has been said it is the Gods themselves who made it. Man has scince invaded and driven the Gods away. A childs story I am sure.
   Eating the nights cach, we pack up our bundle sacks and head off to meet another tribe of Plainsmen. Our leader Jar'al heads north along a well used game trail, hopeing our tracks will be soon erased by the frequent travels of deer and other wild life.
   "Hey, boy!"
   Lost in my thoughts I quickly look about to see who is calling me.
   "Hey, I'm talkin' to you," the big hands of Lair slam down on my shoulders nearly knocking me off my feet, "You run ahead and scout. 'Bout time you began to earn your food."
   "Aye!" I shouted, recieveing a few warning glances from the other men in the group I ran hurredly ahead.
   To be a scout is special, well I think so. On clear days they let me scout ahead. Not alot I would see before the others, even at distance. The soft rolling hills make it nearly impossible for anything to hide that is bigger than a Mole Rat. On to the open plains a few minutes later I bolt past the ranks of men into the plains.
Making good time I soon reach the scouts position ahead of the company. Just a furlong or so.
    The men were being loud today, they were confident no danger was around. Mabey they had another scout ahead or something. Feeling a bit discouraged I kicked a lump in the ground.

    So I stand with a sore toe and a small something at my feet. Well it hurt, I think I'll toss it away so I wont hit it again. Bending down to pick it up I see it is not a rock, or anything else I have seen. It is covered with dirt and roots from the long grasses. Shaking off the earth I hold in my hand no larger than an apple a small almost round ball. It looks like metal, but there is some earth that will need to be washed off before I can tell.
    Unfortuneately my doddling has brought the men almost upon me. I stuff the object into my pocket and hurry on ahead over the next hill. facinated by my new found object I didn't notice that the group had stopped to eat and rest. I walked on for nearly a league before I thought to look. My stomach voicing its displeasure and licking dry lips, the sun was beating down at a furrious rate. I began to turn back when to the west, as I turned, I seen dark shapes crest a distant hill. I drop down and watch, The shapes are just dark masses, having no shape of form. The heat of the day makes them shimmer like wraiths.
    They do not travel in my direction but move with purpose to the East. As they began to cross into from west to east their shapes did not come any clearer. They remained dark. The sun was high and no shadows would be seen. The shapes crossed over the horizon and dissapeared. I got up to head back to the group-
    "You know what those were boy?" The same big hand laid its self on my shoulder gently this time.     I was startled none the less and a violeny shiver took my body for a moment as fright washed over me. I turned to look at the man behind me. He stood alone, like a pillar and a shadow cast itsself over his features. I thought it was just the effect of my fright when the world went dark for a fleeting moment. I jerked my head skyward to see what had done it and seen nothing.
    I shook my head in negation to Lairs question as he cast his eyes upon me.
    "Them were deciples." It was all he would say. I tried to get a better answer and only got an angry look.
    We returned to the group, They were already heading in our direction.
    "So you found the little wretch, should have left him lost," Jar'al said, "would learn real life skills."
    Lair did not laugh with the others."Deciples." He spoke in a whisper.
    Some how everyone heard. Like death everyone sobered."The boy seen them before I. If he was not crouched as he was as a cat stalks prey I would not have bothered to follow his eyes. They were casting."
    "We must reach Beck, before it is too late. We will need his help."Jar'al spoke and hitched up his bundle sack and strode off. The others following suit.

    It was nightfall when we came to the camp of Beck Altarr. He was the leader of the Plainsmen in this area. We were from another group. One the Empire had routed. Only a hundred men and a few women remained from a band of six hundred. Most of the children were orphans. That was nine of us. Beck shook the hand of everyone as we entered camp. His hands were strong. I looked up into his face and seen his grey eyes masked in black eyebrows and long black hair. His face was like tanned leather, with crags that ran deep and lines around the eyes that made him look very wise. He had to stoop down to shake my hand as he was nearly seven feet tall. He wore a black coat that hung of him, The hem was just at his ankles. He wore a dark grey tunic and dark pants. He was a sight to inspire, and to fear.
    He smiled and I forgave all fears about him. I joined the rest of the group and met the other children of this band and soon forgot everything. Everything except my treasure. I decided that was what it was. I looked for a small streamlet another boy pointed out and washed it off.
    I finally had a good look at it. It was round. But had markings on it and a few holes. After I washed out all the dirt I seen the markings were letters and mabey words of somekind. I could not understand them. Not that I can read, being an orphan I am not suppsed to read. Well, I can't. So I went looking for Beck, he seemed friendly and looked smart. He would know.
    I asked around and found his tent. I was quite excited and forgot to request admittance and just stummbled in. He was sitting in a small chair and others including Jar'al and Lair were sitting on the ground about him. All eyes turned to me as I stopped, suddenly aware that I had barged in.
    "Ah, we were just talking about you, young Altez, you made quite a discovery today." Beck spoke with a deep voice, not a rummbling or gratting, he was not that old, he was younger than most of the men in the room.
    "Aye did I, sir?" At a loss for words, I realized I had the treasure in my hand and tucked it into my pocket.
    "You had sharp eyes, sharper wits to know enough to get down and watch. You know what they were boy.."More of a statement he trailed off, looking me up and down. He almost seemed to glow in a light. The other men sat Quietly waiting. I waited for him to finish. "Deciples."
    Like the word spoke for thousands of thers. The lined of worry on many of the other became canyons in plains. I looked around and at last settled my eyes again on Beck.
    "I know not what one is, sir."
    "Are ya daft boy-" Jar'al was cut off by a motion from Beck.
    "Well, I guess I will have to tell you." He began his tale like a lore master. The fire dimmed and the coals became red like Iron in the forge.

    "In the Days before the Empire, Before even the Plainsmen who became it. Before man came to this world. There were many Gods, Like Stars in the sky they were, and night was as bright as day.
    Not all Gods are good, or Evil. Many are just here to survive like us. Each on a quest for power. Power does not come cheaply, and those who have it are constantly being challenged. The most powerful never rest. They can never relent either. It is a battle for survival.
    Some of the Gods grew tired of this game and sought a way to find rest. At this time only the for elements existed. They had harmony, and the creatures they cared for were happy. The land was ripe and all good things were, and evil things were.

    They opened a door, to an older world. Nearly as old as creation. It is said in this place the father of all Gods hides away from his Children. Chaos, Limbo. The VOID. They did not understand what they had found. only that is served as a place to hide from the other Gods, who wished to fight.
    They thought the Void empty. Just darkness. Nothingness. Can you see a shadow in the dark? nay, just as you cannot see an albatros in the sun. So, the Void had life.
    One God, Mannou. Ventured deep into the Void, and got lost. The others did not know were he went and dared not follow. Fearing more to get lost they closed the door to this realm.
    In the time scince mannou would find his way back, man had been on this world for many hundreds of years. The Plainsmen Had splintered and the Empire was newly formed and not yet corrupted. The Gods facinated by our arrival, and that of other creatures, like goblins, Ogres, the merfolk and the like, halted their squabling.
    It was learned that we could give power to the Gods by just believing in them. Some of the more powerful ones sent down Incarnations, and spirits. Others had sons and daughters through Mortal Women. Others just didn't care. For many years this went on and to this day it still happens. Even now a man walks through the Empire cities and cries the virtues of his God.
    The God Mannou the story tells, was beset upon by hordes of shadows and other Void creatures. He was forced to use the Void to aid him and realized that the Void was anything but empty. It was Consumeing. Like a star that gives no light but takes it. His powers and will being drained he learned to live as the shadows, taking from the Void and its creatures, sacrificing himself to live.
    He won the battles. He mastered the Void. He unlocked the door that had trapped him and seen a new world. The Deciples are his, they are the very shadows that hunted him. They posses people and bind them. Consumeing them completely untill nothing but the Shadow its self remains. They seem to shimmer and cast shadows that are not right.
    They are dangerous. Mannou has many other creatures but none serve him so well. The Void consumes, to give power so must Mannou. The Shadows, the Deciples will sacrifice them selves to give him power. Great it is. The for elements could defeat him, but they do not. They fend him off and he grows stronger. The Void is powerful and were it not for the need to sacrifice and destroy even its self it would consume everything."
    The fire flared, the few men who had leaned into the story muttered curses as the smell of burnt hair filled the room. Beck hunched down, as if weary of a long talk.
    "Altez, you must never say the name of one of them so long as it is within sight. You must never concentrate to hard to see them, or they will see you. The ones you saw traveled in light. Their is something afoot. The past events of past days may yet climax. I thank you all for your council, rest. We have much to do if things come to pass as I fear." Beck took leave and the men glanced about with worried looks.
    "Boy, you may be a curse, or a blessing. I know not." Lair's heavy hands slapped down on my shoulders.

    I raced into the night. Thinking about what I had learned. Looking for shadows. I imagined I saw them. dark and wispy, like merfolk but with ghostly tendrils for tails. And claws for hands. They made crunching sounds and the more I saw the louder it got. I seen hundreds and they all stopped, and slowly looked at me. They came at me in waves. Just as the first was about to rip into me--
    I was so cought up in my imaginings I nearly lost my skin and some say I aged 2 years and a good foot in hight. I swirled around and fell, my fright evident to the ghostly shape who was standing, the light from camp outlineing a figure with a slowly moving bottlom half. My fears were afresh, if the shadows were not enough, Mannou had come to take me.
    The patient voice seemed familiar and reashured. The figure made a motion, my fears melted away.
    "Altez..." Beck stood standing like a pillar in the light.
    "What is it you placed in your pocket? is it why you came rushing in?" He asked.

    "Yes..." I stammered, my breath still ragged from my fright. "I found it, while scouting today."

End of chapter 1

Please excuse speling errors, and gramatical errors. This is just a first draft and I still have some work to do.


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