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Thanks :) (TEXT)

Author: styx ()
Date: 2000-05-18 00:00:00

it wasn't out of anger I wrote this, it was just one day, I said "Hey, let's see if I made myself this psychotic thinker, mixed in with my personality. Create a world around him, and start basing it on my real life experiences." So far, it's created a very cool setout.

I want to put myself into a killers shoes, and see how they think, and how they take care of things..it's a really cool method, you outta try it, you'll be original every time.

On Thursday, May 18, 2000 at 7:29:28 PM SM_007 wrote:
>The "Josh" character, of course, is obviously based so much on you that he is not one-dimensional at all. It's been a while since I've read a story that has a character with multiple sides to him. Most stories just have typical character stereotypes, and as I said above, they're one dimensional. There's a lot we can all read into Josh (it's weird talking to you about the character based on you, hehe), and I am sure that's helpful to you, since you wrote this story out of rejection and anger, and now you're getting that out through story (as opposed to the character, who is taking it out another way).
>Worker bees can leave
>Even drones can fly away
>The queen is their slave

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