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My mom said, "If your not going to say anything nice, don't say anything at all." oh well.... Here.

Author: Tyrant~|TOA| ()
Date: 2000-03-10 00:00:00

Had you all worried huh?


Styx, I have known him for more than a year, was a member of my SC clan till he formed a new one. He's cool. One of my better online friends.

Tridus: Well, I have not know him as long. And I bug him lots with dumb ass questions. He's a cool guy in my books, and can do some sweet stuff *looks around the forum*

Rstefan01: Another new friend, I bug him lots too with dumb ass questions. But just the same, he is good to talk to and talented as well. Another good friend.

SM_007: well he is on my ICQ and I have chatted with him a few times. He seems to be good natured. Maybe sometime we will talk and get a better idea of eachother. I like alot of his posts.

Edge: I have only talked to him via forums. And the replys are not much of an indicator. But he does know his graphics. *drool* heh. He is ok with me...

Well that is about everyone I *know*.
So all you others... It is not I don't notice you, I just don't know anything about you. but NO ONE is in my bad books. Your a good group of people who are making this forum a community... of friends.


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