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Dark Vendetta's®

Author: styx ()
Date: 2000-05-18 00:00:00

Dark Vendetta’s


It’s a stormy night today, as always, sitting at my computer, wondering what grief this day will bring. I always have had this feeling I’m different from other people, but never this different. People will say I’m crazy all the time, and I’m used to it. As I know, it doesn’t matter what these other humans think, I am my own being, and that is the way it will stay.

Just a few days ago, I saw on the news about columbine, how these two kids seemed so happy. Deep down, bewilderment and excitement flowed through their minds. Dark and demented thoughts they were. Killing. At this moment, I am plotting my revenge, ever so swiftly, looking who I would want to kill, and how. Should I aim high, and splatter their brains, or hit low, wounding them first, letting them feel pain, and seeing my face, before I put them out of this mortal coil.

Dark minds, come with sharp thoughts, ravaging, scrupulously looking ever so vigilantly for an answer they seek. Bloodlines cease, so does desire, but only when the onus abates.
Feeling alone is your darkest inner self, cold, distress, outcrying. As I am feeling this, I feel a certain rage upon these other mortals, as if I am no longer one, but a demon, wreaking havoc on the world. It is my destiny to write this tale, it is my destiny to create it. That I shall, with due time. There are those that think they are the superiors, when only they are but pawns, scourging the lands, seeking what they will never find.

Of course, I was not always this way, I was a kind, caring, compassionate person. Then, my life changed, feeling alone.. I would find ways to amuse my brilliant mind, creating bombs, thinking of new weapons, and new propulsion systems. Alas my epitomized height I have reached. Telepathy known to drive people who cannot control it mad. I can control it, but with a price, no one can lie, and when they do, I know it. I become angry, it is that time I find a weakness and strike, at home, in their mind, or just simply going whatever I see fit.

Chapter1: Minor happenings

As I walked though the doors, the scent wafted through, hitting me in the face. Laughter throughout the building could be heard, boyfriend and girlfriend, kissing, with their tongues in each other’s mouths. I think to myself “how come no girl will be with me?” The thought passes on, and I enter the kitchen I go in the back and meet my boss. “Good morning Duane, what’s up?”

“Good morning Josh, heard you did a good job last night”

Wow, a compliment, I don’t get many of those. “Well I try to do my best”

“You’ll make assistant manager soon enough, keep up the good work, and don’t stress too much”

“I won’t, see ya in a bit, gotta go check in”

As I leave the office door, I walk over to the register to check in. As I type in my prefix code, I notice a certain name on the end of it “Elizabeth Doty” “WHOAH!” I think to myself, the girl I love, but cannot show, as reasons of my intellectual nature. No one would understand what she would see in me, and I wouldn’t want her to be uncomfortable that way, best not to try anything.

I stick my hat on, and get ready for the onslaught of other incapable beings coming to feast upon the slop I slave over for them. All I hear about is how they want it made a certain way, and nothing else. So I am now a robot, not a person, seeking precision, and excellence. I strive for what no normal thing strives for. A logical realm. A realm I’ve created upon my own mind. Something I live in daily, because I refuse to believe what the real world has shown me. I do not believe in god, nor the humanity that was have brought upon our selves, we are but energy, and can dissipate on execution resulting from stimuli.

I see a long line of highschoolers . Where I once was, and extremely silent. Provocative thoughts prevailed, and even then I was in my own world, creating what I wanted to see, what I believed, it mattered not what they thought, or what they thought, I would not intrude.

I get shaken back to “Reality” when they walk through the door. I stick on the luminous gloves, sticking to my fingertips, and hands becoming sweaty. “I hate doin this part of the morning, they always bitch”

A girl next time me named Alexis spoke a reply “Yeah I know, they have no idea what lies ahead for them”

Wow, someone that actually agrees with me on this! Unbelievable! I put that aside, as they come over, waiting to have food made for them. This lasts a good solid 20 minutes, which seems like an hour, watching them eat, as I am here making it for them, to their pleasure, without a bit of thankfullness.

Duane comes by and pats me on the back “That was a good rush wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, it’s a pity none of them know what it’s like to be over here, they’d be treating me a lot better”

“Josh, I’ve been meaning to talk to you. I notice you are an outstanding worker, and yet, you dislike talking to people, and hate being around groups, why is that?”

The question, which so many ask, but so few know the answer..I think it’s time I tell him

“Well, I feel rejected by them, as they don’t understand me, no one does really. If I were to tell you have the stuff on my mind, you’d turn around and walk off, probably wouldn’t want to speak to me.”

“Well, I understand how that is, I was like that too, ya’know? Ahh yes, when I was about your age, maybe a bit younger, I had the feeling I was different from other boys.”

“Right on the mark” I think to myself “What’s he getting at?”


“Yeah, you see, I was also a good student, but very silent in class. I was pretty much called a geek, because I would know how to pull things to work a business. None of them understood how I did it, so I was in essence a loner.”

Imagine this, exactly like me, except mine is with inventing and creating things, I’m beginning to like this guy more and more. Then sanity returns, “Why should I let this make me think any different, humans are scum, I’m not a human, I’m a thing”

“Not all of humanity is scum, just some if not the majority are.”

“Still, wish there was a way to turn people’s heads, and have them think about what they are doing, and what can be caused from such ignorance.”
The rush was over, but more people came in, as usual, expecting me to know what they want. I try to get them to ask what they want, because why should I waste energy on such tripe like them? The thing about humanity that would always hit me, was how everyone thought they were better, like they didn’t have to obey rules. These are the people that are on my killing list, and it is reaching quite outrageous numbers. Soon I’ll need either more paper, or just set a freakin bomb everywhere. So the homicidal thoughts reign on, as I am silently letting them go, to satisfy yet another bitchy mouthed customer.

“Well, here comes more. Josh, think about it, and just keep cool, we’ll talk some more later, mebbe get a little steam offa you, and remember what I said.”


Now, this fat grotesque lady, comes up and says “I want a sub please”

“Six inch, footlong, wheat, white?” I think to myself “Fuck lady, do I look like a fuckin mind reader?”

“Well, that doesn’t exactly tell me what you want there are some selections you can choose on the sneezeguard, and on the board.”

“Don’t get mouthy with me”

“I’m not, I’m just telling you where you can tell me what kind of sandwich, we make them how you want them.”

“Stupid ass bitch, why not just go jump off a cliff, and bounce your fat, lardy ass of the edge.” The thoughts becoming more ravenous by the second. Why people act like this, is beyond my comprehension. What makes people think like this? Is it because they are old, because they are looking for people to hurt or destroy? Man this bitch should just be put out of her fucking misery.

“Well what is a BLT then?”

“Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato, with all the other veggies you would like”

“Well I don’t like the vegetables unless they are fresh, are they fresh?”

“Well, as fresh as you can get from a fast food place, so I would consider them fresh, yeah”

“Ok, well, I want something else then.”

“God damn lady, make up your fucking mind!” This lady is just starting to become annoying as hell. Not only is she picky, but pretty damn stupid in my opinion. I mean, who does she think she is? It isn’t all THAT hard to make a sandwich, if you can’t figure out how you want a sandwich, or don’t know what a “BLT” is, you need some freakin help.

“I’d recommend, if you are hungry” yeah you fat-ass bitch, fill that lardy ass stomach, want some arsenic while I make something for you? “A Spicy Italian”

“What does that have in it?

“It has Salami and Pepperoni”

“Veggies too?”

“Only if you want them on there”

“Why didn’t you tell me that for the BLT?”

“I thought you knew we’d make them how you like that, as I previously stated”

“Let me talk to your boss now son.”

“Why is this?”

“Because you are a rude, and obnoxious punk”

“More like you are a inconsiderate slut, you fucking bitch, let me get him”

“Well I never!”

“Never what? Got laid, you fat ass slut, go finger yourself out you fucking piece of gutter trash”

“Josh, what’s the problem?”

“Oh, just that lady, she’s just dicking me around, treating me like shit, I’m tired of this!”

“Let’s go in my office..”

As I walk the other way, my co-workers looking at me like I’ve just done something terrible. I just stood up for myself, when this stupid ass fat bitch started pushing my buttons. It wasn’t my fault she was so fuckin stupid. They are still staring at me, like I’m some sort of disease. “Quit fucking staring you damn slave-hogs, I stood up for myself, I won’t tolerate that kind of attitude towards me. Stupid fucking people, ignorance is the only fucking disease”

“Josh, have a seat”

Duane closes the door behind me

“Well I do say I’m quite shocked how you handled that, and not really happy”

“I know, I lost my cool…”

“Josh, I see such a brilliant mind, but under so much clouded thoughts. Are you stressed at home? What exactly is going on?”

“Just I am really getting displeased how I do my best possible job, and these people think that they are my masters, and can treat me like complete and utter shit, I won’t stand for it.”

“Well, maybe you need to find another job”

“What, so now you’re firing me?!”

“No, I’m going to move you to the convenience store, starting 2 weeks from now, until then, just try to stay back here doing dishes and stuff”

I thought I was sunk, things are really bad at home, and I just about got fired from the only job I could get. This dinky town is nothing for me..no one would understand who I am inside…darkness wells from my innermost self, and there, the dark rampantness swirls in endless shrouds. I’m really hating life, life sucks. There is nothing more than just wanting to kill those that have caused me grief, and then ending my own misery, so that “justice” can’t do me anymore.

“I think you need to take a break today, just go home, and relax”

“But duane…”

“Josh, you are literally about to go really unstable, you aren’t in trouble, I’ll tell the lady you are having personal problems.”

Sigh “Alright, sorry duane..I guess I just lost it”

“I know how you feel, just go home and relax.”

“Thanks for understanding, I appreciate it”

As I clock out, Chrissy, whom is a very sweet girl goes “Josh, are you ok? Need someone to talk to?”

“I just really need to think life over, what’s the point of living if you are so unhappy?”

Just what I need, sympathy. I don’t hate it, but I just can’t react to it in a right way, I don’t want to hurt her.

“Are you talking about taking your own life?”

“Nevermind, I’m just gonna go home, see you tomorrow Chrissy”

I walk out the door, not even looking at her. Such a pity, I didn’t mean to hurt her, or worry her, but she wouldn’t understand. No one does…

Walking towards my car, a large gust of wind blows into my face, brushing sand into me. My eye’s starting to burn, I run to my car, open my door, and get in as quickly as I can. I just sit in there, and here Chrissy comes, running towards my car. “Great” I say to myself.

I turn the key, and try to take off before she get’s to me. Too late, she jumps in.

“Josh, you’re worrying me, what’s wrong”

“Nothing, just not in the best of moods.”

“Wanna talk aboout it?”

She looks at me in the eyes. Her blue gaze stuns me, and I was nearly powerless to turn away. My mind going into a frenzy, I went blank”

“Hello? You ok?”

“I just don’t need shit like that from such bitchy people, they have no clue”

“Hey, remember when you saw a person giving me trouble, you took over, and helped them instead?”

“Yeah I do, that’s different”

“No it isn’t, you came back afterwards, and gave me a hug, and assured me it was going to be ok, and don’t let people bug me”

“That’s the side of you I really like, Deep down, you are a very compassionate person.”

“Well, don’t get used to it, because I hate emotions, they cloud thoughts”

“Well, try to remember that I love you as a friend, and should you need to talk, I’m here for you”

I smile mechanically, and she leans over and kisses me. Shocked I just looked at her with awe. Why would she do that? I was basically stunned at the moment.

“What, you’ve never been kissed?”

“Well, not in a while…thanks for caring..”

“Hey, its’ my duty in life. Drive safely, and get home in once piece, if you want to talk later, here’s my number”

Again, I was shocked, who in their right mind would give their number to a person that just blew up in public? A person that is interested in me, or just caring? I took the number, and smiled again.

All this time, the car is running, loudly, the mufflers not blocking the sound. I put the gearshift in reverse, and back out. I start driving out of the parking lot, and I see that lady, the fat slut giving me this hateful look.

“Oh fuck off you fat ass bitch, keep lookin at me, and I’ll blow you fucking head off!”

Reluctantly, she drove off, not even bothering to check my plate Number.

“Stupid bitch, just get over it.”

I peel off into the road, and passing her up, while flipping her off. “Yeah fuck you!”

Hitting over 70 MPH, I slow down, as I have this feeling a cop is nearby, and sure enough just as I reach the limit, I see a cop pull out. Now how I knew that would happen, I cannot answer, something deep inside of me just told me.

I pull up to my house, my parents aren’t even back yet..good. I walk it, throw my stuff on the couch, and go back in the computer room. My cats looking up at me, and meowing. They are my only true friends. No matter what happens in my life, they are always there. The only ones that see me as I am, not knowing of greed, hate, animosity. The only ones that know my true feelings. I form a relationship with them, I can show them things, they can read my mind. Our minds as one, I start talking to them. They know I’m upset, and crawl on my lap.. Morris, puts his paw on my mouth, and meows as if asking “Are you ok?” A look in his eyes tells me he knows something is wrong, that I am wrong.

Sylvester, my other cat, cuddles up in my arms, and starts purring. They both hold onto my arm, as if trying to comfort me. Sigh I feel a certain warmth come over me, as they really do care. My dear friends, soon they won’t be able to. My thoughts are flowing with rage.

Chapter 2: The plan

And so, the day continues, as the worlds deceit turns itself about me. The fuels that create my inner rage, building pressure by the minute. The glow turns to my eyes, I envision blood, spilling from my victims bodys, and the bullets pass through their flesh. Screams of anguish fill my mind, and the sweet sounds of crying, as they are dying by my own hands.

Suddenly, my mom comes in, and see’s that I’m upset.

“What’s wrong Josh?”

“Nothing, nothing, just thinking”


“Yeah, as in just sitting here thinking, is there something you wish to talk to me about?”

“No, just came in here”

“Well, if you don’t need to talk to me, please just get out for right now, something important, and I need time to myself to think about it.”

“If you say so, just don’t be doing anything stupid..”

Hmm, I guess any mom can read minds, but who cares. She’s totally unprepared to see what will happen in a week or so. As this plan manifests, it becomes more ominous, and so with that, I started planning how I’m gonna pull this piece of work off.

I am not doing this for the publicity, I’m doing it to open the eyes of others. The boys that were in the columbine incident, had a reason, not because their minds were messed, but because something caused them to snap. As I was thinking about this, another thought passed through my mind.

Elizabeth Doty, my long awaited love, her smile passed through to me faintly. Along with the letter she wrote me on our first night together.

“Dear Josh,

I’m really glad you came back from the navy, I’ve missed you so much, and last night, I only meant to kiss you on the nose. It’s probably too late to say I’m sorry” Sorry for what? Making me feel like I was wanted after 4 months of hell, surrounded by others being screwed from their lives?

“I may never get a chance to be with you ever again, as much as I want to. I love you very much, and want to be with you. I’ll be coming to your parents for dinner and I’m hoping you’ll show up.



This just put tears in my eyes, someone cared, so deeply for me. I remember that night well. After dinner, we took a stroll at night, and went to the park. There we sat, talking all night. About how it was there, who I met, and how things should have gotten better than it had. Then, she turned to me, as I faced her, and she asked “Did you have a crush on me before you left for bootcamp?”

“I still do, you are the most wonderful person that I’ve ever met, I still love your face”

“I love you too”

She moved closer to me, and put her lips to mine. It felt great. Warm, compassionate, I had something to be happy about, someone that cared about me. We kissed for hours, not going any further. This was the relationship I wanted, I didn’t want to get in her pants, I was happy with what I had right then.

That night was the most beautiful night I’ve had in years. But soon, that shattered, as she loved another also, and I couldn’t bear it. I went down to the fireplace, and burned it, along with while holding it to the fire, I let the fire burn my hand, no pain, no remorse. I was now a psychotic freak. I looked in the mirror, and I hate what I see. I hate what I’ve become.

As I get more and more angry, I start blasting my music, ever so much base, the windows shaking, the floor bouncing, the very walls vibrating as the base struck the sides. Listening to this music only fueled what hatred I already had. Feeling my blood pressure rise, I felt alive, knowing that soon, they’ll be something to make the wretched human race think of what is to come.

I despise ignorance, and this is what builds the fury within. My eye’s gleamed with a certain glow, as I sat at the computer, talking to my only friends, who knew not what I was planning, they only knew I was off my rocker some.

They do not know that soon, they’ll know a person that has gone off the edge, and has become a mass murderer. Let them stay in the dark, my day will come soon. Knowing I have money in the bank, I grab my keys, and say to my parents “Goin for a drive, I’ll be back later alright?”

“Alright josh, have fun, and BE CAREFUL”

“Be careful? Of what?”

“Don’t get in any trouble”

Trouble, you have no idea…there’ll be trouble, just not for a week.

I smile and walk out the door, jump in my car, start it up, and pull out.

For no reason I yell out “FUCK YEAH!”

I don’t know why, but it seemed to sound appropriate. To the gunstore I went, and here, they aren’t as strict with buying guns, so I got one the same day I purchased it, not only because how they were, because they knew me, but they don’t really. No one knows what goes on in my mind.

I drive off, and pulling out into the main street. Ahh yes, the other cars that pass me by, are just there, not thinking of anything, just what they are going to accomplish on this drive. I know my objective, and will do anything to achieve it. I drive about three blocks, and see the store. I pull the side of the road, and shut my car off, grab my keys, and my money. I open the door, the smell of gun oil, powder, metal blow profusely into my face. The smell was a great one. Now, only to buy the gun I’m going to take the lives of hundreds of people in that small, pathetic store. Not caring who it will be I smile to myself. “I’m gonna love this” I say to myself.

I walk up to the counter. “Hey Josh, how’s your dad?”

“Oh he’s good, he’s working as hard as ever”

“Yeah, that’s him alright” Laughs

“He’s trying to go for County Commissioner, you know that?”

“Yeah, he’s definitely got my vote!”

“Ha ha, I knew you’d say that walt”

“So, what would ya like to look at?”

“How about the 30-odd6?”

“Oh this one?”

“No, the one in your hand, OF COURSE that one Walt”

“Here ya go, it’s a good gun”

“Hmm it’s a bit heavy….”

“Well it’s for hunting,”

“Anything that fires faster, and a lot of power?”

I’m hoping he has something automatic, with clips, or at least semi-automatic

“Now, what would you need something like that for?”

“Well, you know me Walt, I like powerful guns”

“Ha, yeah, that’s you alright.”

“I DID get something in the other day that may interest you..”

“Well don’t just stand there Walt, lemme see!”

“Here you go, it’s a semi-automatic rifle, very powerful”

“Hm, is there a way you’d let me try it before I buy it?”

“I hate when you ask me that….aww , sure go ahead, shooting range, right?”

“Of course, you think I’m gonna go on a killing spree or something” HA! Little does he know… when I buy this thing”

“Knowing you, probably, haha”

“Funny walt, well, gonna give it to me, or am I gonna have to pry it from your hands?”

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