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"What do you mean? Just because there's one hundred pounds of smokepowder in this boat doesn't mean they'd possibly target it with a fireball spell!" Said to the party in a ship-to-ship battle before the Mage on the other side cast Create Flame inside the hull.
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actually I think its 30 now.

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-05-18 00:00:00

My post got modded up to 5, which is the highest any post can go. Its also the only post in that discussion right now which is at 5, which rules. :)

Karma on slashdot is a measure of simply how "good" you are. If your posts get moderated up for being intelligent/funny/whatever, you get a point of karma. If you get moderated down for posting offtopic stuff, flamebait, or trolling, you loose a point of karma.

You need positive karma (> 0) to be eligable to get moderator points on slashdot. If you have over 25 karma, your posts can optionally start with a default ranking of 2 instead of 1 (normal users start at 1, anonymous posts start at 0).

People who get extremely high karma are often called 'karma whores', as there is certain things you can say that will guarantee you to get Karma on slashdot (talk about how great linux is compaired to Windows for example).

fyi - the slashdot moderation system randomly picks users with above 0 karma to be moderators. You get 5 modpoints, and you can use them to rate posts. Moderators never delete or edit anything on slashdot, you simply rank it. People can then set their prefs to only show posts over a cerrtain rank, which blocks the losers from view while not deleting them.

Its a seriously kickass system. I'd set it up in here, except we have so few users that it wouldn't work properly.

We scream to avoid suffering in silence.

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