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umm.... I think so.

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-05-18 00:00:00

OAC = Ontario Academic Credit

They're really high level, psuedo "grade 13" type classes from which your marks have a major impact on if you can get into an Ontario university or not. (actually, to get into a university, you pratically need to get 6 OAC's)

They aren't really like "advanced" versions of normal classes, because that would be an 'advanced' grade 12 math vs a 'general' grade 12 math. They're seperate classes for really interesting stuff, like Economics. Stuff that doesn't fit into a grade 12 class.

The ones I took, I found really interesting. Mostly because you don't get stuck with stupid busywork in an OAC class, well, a good one anyway. My favorite one had to be Economics, which I think should be a required class instead of that fifth english that doesn't actually do anything for you at all. After all, if people are going to be going out and voting, they should at least have some clue as to how things like the economy work, IMHO anyway.

And of course, in one of the few moves made by them whch I don't agree with, the Ontario government decided to get rid of them to save money. *sigh* sure... lets get rid of the best classes that are offered in favor of spending more money on special education. Which I guess is all fine and dandy unless your one of the people on the higher end of the intelligence scale that actually found OAC classes interesting and useful.

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