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The Delta Maneuver in full progress!

Author: Kodos ()
Date: 2000-05-18 00:00:00

Well boys, its finally come to this.
The Delta Congress of Gaelin V has issued this message to all rebels in opposition who fight to destroy the "Happy Institutions of Love and Kindness" (Better known as death camps).

"Fall before my power oh citizens of peace. You will succumb to my awesome might and unleash my pure energy form upon your waiting souls. Kneel and cry you pitiful humans. Your cities are destroyed, your people dying!! MUAHHAHAHH!"
- President John Samuel Reagan

This message has been met with much critisicm and will not air on CBS because of its tyranical nature. You must vote however to elect President Reagan as the "Supreme Ruler of the World" or "Dictator of Your Souls" on January 3, 2003. If you do not vote you will be torn to bits by the Senate who have taken a turn for the worse after the recent mutation viruses released in their midst. I have a funny anecdote on this situation. The other day Senator Smith ran up to me and ferociously tore off my arm. He foamed at the mouth and all. He was truly a character.

* This post was delivered January 1, 2003 by the People's News Committee.

"Believe in yourself and you will fail, believe in others and you will succumb to their will, but believe in me and you will feel my anger on your tested brow!" - Ted Anger, "Random Acts of Violence"

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