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While installing the aforementioned new hardware, I noticed that my computer had way too many gigabytes free. I therefore took the liberty of installing many games into these free gigabytes in an effort to ensure that those rarely-used gigabytes were still functioning properly. I also tested the games extensively to ensure that my disk access times were well within the expected boundaries. I am pleased to report that my disk is in good shape.
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welcome to my world.

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-05-18 00:00:00

I got like that too when I realized how pointless most of what was being done in school was, because I was learning more sitting at home on my computer talking with people on the Internet. So I only ever really gave any effort at all in classes that interested me, and just sorta coasted through the rest on whatever my natural intelligence (or lack thereof) could muster without trying.

Its not that its a bad thing, its that you've woken up to a sad reality... if you want to *learn*, High School is a waste of your time. Especially if you want to learn about computer stuff.

Some other things aren't as bad... I really enjoyed Economics/Accounting, Politics, and History classes, because I got something out of them. But everything else felt like a waste of time when I could be taking apart my 486.

We scream to avoid suffering in silence.

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