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Silence Trickles In (storyverse)

Author: rRaminrodt ()
Date: 2000-05-18 00:00:00

Wrote it last night but was too tired to log on. :)
Silence Trickles In


The first sound he heard was water dripping. More precisely, water dripping on metal. Chills ran up his spine. He made an effort to move his hand; it responded.

rRaminrodt opened his eyes. He took a deep breath, for as it always did his head felt like it had been stuffed full of scratchy insulation. Ignoring the memories he knew rested in the back of his mind, he slowly sat up on the side of the bed. Slowly and methodically he lifted his hands and stared at them. Their newness etched a place in his mind, this was the part of reincarnation he never got over: the actual repercussions of rebirth. He slowly took in the familiar yet strange setting of the room he was in; his memories had already began to merge. Over on the other side room was fixed a medium-sized mirror.

He got up and walked slowly and deliberately over to it. Reflected back toward his eyes was a face, his face. It was broader than his old face, and he was one or two inches shorter. His was a slightly bulkier frame than before and that when the significance of his clothes hit him. It was a uniform, dark brown and black.

Closing his eyes tight, he began concentrating on his memories. All of them. He opened his eyes back up and looked at the mirror, and began to chuckle.


= Sanderson's Diner, East Riptide =

A young woman quickly led the pair through the aisle of empty booths into the back of the restaurant. She smiled when they were safely inside and locked the inner door.

She pointed to a plug over near a clear table. "Over there Mister Tridus," she said.

Tridus put on a happy face, "Thank you miss."

He waved the woman he was with over and plugged the laptop he carried in. He spoke to it, "Okay Sashie. Get charged up, you'll need all power we can get by the time this is over."

He looked back at the woman he was with, "Cmon Sarah, sit down. We're safe here for now."

A millisecond long frown passed through her face and then she nodded and scooted over to him and leant on his elbow.

The waitress shuffled her feet and smiled again, "That’s my name."

Tridus's companion just shrugged, "That’s nice dear."

The young woman turned away as the Riptide Officials were obviously busy doing what they did best. She just hoped they could save the city this time.

= Sanderson's Diner, East Riptide =

Tatiana walked behind Tridus as some vapid headed wench led them to the back of a poorly lit establishment. The girl locked the door to the kitchen and showed her 'husband' where he could plug the Computer in.

Her subject put on a happy face and said something cheerful to the girl. He sat down and began playing with the infernal machine. Tatiana methodically scanned the room for threats or any possible points of interest without breaking her outward personality. Sometimes she even impressed herself.

Tridus urged her to sit and she obliged him, while wishing she could take a moment to herself and drop this façade for just one second.

She saw the girl edge toward her a tad, and she watched the waitress shuffle her feet in a way that reminded Tatiana of a duck, "That’s my name."

Caught off guard she just shrugged and said, "That’s nice dear."

Luckily for her the girl decided not to continue her pointless effort to talk and walked away a short distance. Tatiana had to force back the urge to scream in frustration, she had expected some duress during the exercise, but this running around took the cake. Her act was beginning to wear thin, and she knew if she got any more tired, that she ran the risk of breaking character. She began to formulate a plan.


= MysteryMan's command ship, cellblock 35-D =

For some odd reason Edge had picked up the bad habit of grabbing the metal sides of his tiny bunk with the tips of his fingers. While it might have been a form of stress relief in the beginning, all it did now was hurt his fingernails. He wanted to get out of here as soon as possible, but the cage was a good one.

MysteryMan's soldiers had thrown them all in separate cells. This kept them from communicating and formulating a plan of escape. While in a normal jail one could talk through walls, whatever material this was sound didn't seem to penetrate it. It was also very strong, as he had hit it and it didn’t budge. RStefan01 would surely have tried to punch through it himself too. They were all trapped like rats, and all they could do was wait for the cat to play.


= MysteryMan's command ship, Personal Quarters Area =

rRaminrodt had began a thorough examination of his property and was pleased to find in his ownership two of the beam weapons the MysterySoldiers used, in addition to a pistol and an ornately carved quarterstaff he had received as a gift from his grandfather on the entrance to the military academy.

While his mind was still reeling a bit from reincarnation, rRaminrodt was glad there was no conflict of interest between his new personality and the pure-rRaminrodt. He was also very glad he held no true loyalty to the warped leader of this expedition. As it was the military of this culture only swore true allegiance to their direct generals in something vaguely similar to the old Roman Empire. But the chirping of the Comm system on the wall interrupted his thoughts.

He pushed the connect button and waited for the voice to respond. An anonymous soldier on the other end began speaking, "General Zharid?"

rRaminrodt responded, "Yes?"

"General, did you want to interrogate the prisoners? Our liege has already spoken to them… This is a highly unusual situation."

"I agree soldier. Our lord has a personal involvement with these people, and I have no urge to get in his way. But as is custom I will speak to them. In fact I may head down to the cellblock now. First I must finish up some business, though. However, I will be down there within the hour. You can begin preparing the prisoners for interrogation now. "

He cut off the communication channel.

rRaminrodt n'Ad Zharid, General of the Dessant Empire in charge of special operations in the party of Lord MysteryMan smiled. He was in charge, and he knew how to get Riptide back into business.

Notes: He LIVES! Bwahahahahaha
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