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Remember we did this once? My view of certain forumers...

Author: Reed ()
Date: 2000-03-09 00:00:00

Does anyone remember this? We posted how we felt about certain other forumers...why doesn't other people do this again too?

SM_007 - I view Shawn as being very wise. He never hesitates to tell the truth. He has, several times, smacked me back into reality.

Tridus - I view Tridus as being very funny. He's an excellent storywriter, and his stories are funny. Also, he's one heck of a sript writer!

RStefan01 - Rich, I think, is a no-nonsence type of guy. He can be funny, but he doesn't take anything from anybody. And that is good!

kwerkey - Um...he's a good guy. Everyone needs someone to fight with =)

Story Writers - All you story writers, you bring tons of fun here. I have never not enjoyed a story here. Anyone who writes them, keep it up!

Everyone else - Don't feel bad I haven't covered you...I just don't know you very well. As someone said in one of these before, everyone brings fun to the forum. Everyone here is good for something and contributes to this fun place! Also, I didn't cover everyone because I'm rushed.

Everyone else, I think you guys should write these too!

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