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Did i overreact? Probably. I was having a bad day in general, and Communist symbols starting showing up all over the place, and if I'm going to vent, it's not going to be at somebody who has the power to fire my ass.
- DebtAngel (Riptide Communist Alliance reaction)
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Author: Sid6.9 ()
Date: 2000-05-17 00:00:00

Yeah, that's basically what it all boils down to. Although I think that my relationship with her wouldn't be hurt by me writing. She knows about it, and tries to encourage me to keep doing it. I think it's more a thing about not being on-line and just forgetting about the DM's. Which I shouldn't have done, but like I said, she just has my attention so much that I really don't think about anything else, but her. Which was bad for me to not say anything on the forums about where I've been, basically thanks Tri for understanding. And I hope to continue the DM's again, when the War Room gets more active like it was when I started them. :)

Sid6.9- "If weird was a person, he'd be me!" :-)

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