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selling the old keep.

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-03-09 00:00:00

*Tridus is packing up some things, and for some strange reason he only has about three boxes of stuff, one of them being full of computer accessories. The Real Estate agent is just finishing up the paperwork, and an empty pizza box shows evidence that lunch was recently served.*

T - Well... I guess thats it. I hope the new owner stays longer then I did, but I guess the place sorta got to me... made me go kinda crazy and all... its just the atmosphere I think.

Real Estate Agent - Well... maybe its just because you play too many video games.

T - nah... can't be that. Maybe there is something in the water.

Real Estate Agent - well... at any rate, its been a pleasure doing business with you. *Shakes Tridus' hand and walks off, muttering something about the weirdo and his laptop*

T - well... I guess thats everything... the goons were paid and sent home... I have all our stuff... and most importantly I have a huge cheque. Shall we be off Sashie?

S - ok!

*Tridus connects his cell phone and dials the Internet, and then sits down on the boxes and waits for Sashie to transport him, her, and all the stuff. Over the slow line of the cell modem, it took several minutes of gradual fading out until nothing remained of their presence except the Pizza Box.*

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