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MysteryMan awakens...

Author: Reed ()
Date: 2000-03-09 00:00:00

MysteryMan wakes up grogilly. He rolls over and spies SM_007, staring out a door with a defeated expression on his face.

"Ugh-...SM_007, what happened?" MysteryMan asked.

"My Jaguar...it left..." was all SM_007 could get out.

Suddenly, everything came back to MysteryMan- Psycho Sam!, the bomb, they being knocked out. MysteryMan sat up quickly. "That bastard! Let's beat him up...well, you should beat him up, 'cause I got into a fight with the dark lord..."

SM_007 sighed. "MysteyMan, do you realize you don't have to beat people up? We can ask nicely!"

"Oh, yeah! You know what would happen..."


SM_007 walks up to Psycho Sam! "Hello, Sam! See, I came to talk to you about that bomb you-ow!"

Psycho Sam! had picked up a rock and thrown it at SM_007. He fell to the ground.

MysteryMan ran up. "You jerk! You knocked out the leader of Riptide!"

Psycho Sam! interupted, "Oh, I am so sorry...I thought it was his evil brother, um...SH_007! Here, have a clock!" Psycho Sam hands MysteryMan a clock then adds, "Well...SM_007 should get one too." He places another clock in MysteryMan's hands and walks off.

"Hm...when will SM_007 wake up? Hm...what time is it?" MysteryMan looks at his clock. "10 seconds until 0? Hm...that's weird..." MysteryMan blinks, and looks closer. "Now it's 9 seconds...8?"


SM_007 sighed. "MysteryMan...you have such an imagination..."

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