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*a SOLD sign appears on the Dark Lords Keep*

Author: Psycho Sam! ()
Date: 2000-03-09 00:00:00

*Some forumers were heading up to Lord Tridus' keep to complain about the state of affairs, but on the way there they noticed a stranger. As they got closer, they noticed that he was very very thin and had a strange smile on his face*

Forumer #1- Hey! Who are you?

Unknown Person- The real question is probably, who AREN'T I?

Forumer #2- That doesn't make sense.

Unknown Person- Maybe YOU don't mak... Ah well, I'm the new owner of the keep up there.

Forumer #1- Hey, aren't you Psycho...

Unknown Person- !Mas. I'm Psycho !Mas, and I bought this keep. Oh, and I bear gifts. Do you want one?

Forumer #2- Oh, yay. I like gifts. *The forumers take some presents from !Mas and open them*

Forumer #1- Hey, aren't these bombs?

Psycho !Mas- No, they're new clocks. Don't they look new?

Forumer #2- Oh, OK. Hey, mine sounds like Joe Pesci!

Forumer #1- Yay, mine's Bill Clinton! Hey, what does 6:20 mean?

Psycho !Mas- It's the time. Didn't you know that?

Forumer #2- Oh, we're just not used to time going backwards. I'm going to go put it next to my bed. Let's go #1.

*The forumers walk away, leaving !Mas standing there alone, laughing to himself*

Psycho !Mas- Hmm, I think I'll go back home and try on some of those black robes the previous owner left behind. I hope they like my gifts.

*!Mas slowly walks away, humming to himself*

I am Sam!
Psycho Sam!
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