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I wish I could say its over ... closure with a President with the qualifications of a head of lettuce is still closure, but I suspect the mainstream media will continue to harp on this for awhile.
- CmdrTaco (U.S. 2000 Election commentary)
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*SM_007 wakes up*

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-03-09 00:00:00

*SM_007 slowly comes to, pulling himself to his feet.*

SM_007: Ungh... Oh, my head...

*SM_007 drunkinly walks over to where MysteryMan is lying.*

SM_007: Hey! Wake up! MysteryMan!

*SM_007 sighs.*

SM_007: What the hell is going on around here, anyway? Where is everyone? Ugh, I don't remember a thing...

*SM_007 stumbles over himself and drags his feet to the exit door, and walks out. He falls into his Jaguar, which upon detecting him immediately speeds off, as his feet hang out over the door.*


We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

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