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(Pants Storee) Chaos in the Pants

Author: RStefan01 ()
Date: 2000-05-16 00:00:00

Note: This is NOT a storyverse storee! I stole this idea from rRaminrodt's pants!

(SM_007 punches Tridus in the pants.)

SM_007: I wanna be an Administrator!

Tridus: No! Pants me for the upcoming election!

(Tridus kicks Tyrant's pants.)

Tyrant: Ow! Okay, okay, I'll pants you! But I can't spell good! I blame you!

(Tyrant pushes Psycho Sam! over.)

Psycho Sam!: Hey! Vote for my pants! I'm special!

(Psycho Sam! throws pants at Azriel.)

Azriel: hey ack dun do that i hate you! gimme some beer! :p

Tridus: Yeah! Vote for Azriel's pants!

SM_007: No, vote for Psycho Sam!'s pants.

Tridus: Azriel.

SM_007: Psycho Sam!.

Tridus: Azriel.

SM_007: Psycho Sam!.

Tridus: Azriel.

Akardam: I hate pants. And to a lesser extent, Ravage!.

Tridus: Azriel.

SM_007: Psycho Sam!.

Tridus: Wait, who said pants?

SM_007: Who said what?

Tridus: I dunno, thought I heard pants.

Akardam: I hate pants.

Tridus: See! There it is again!

(SM_007 pulls Akardam out from under his pants.)

SM_007: It's just Akardam.

Tridus: Oh.

kwerkey: I need help with pants!

Akardam: I can't help you.

kwerkey: Quiet, you!

Azriel: that does it where can i get some pants around here?

(Azriel leaves.)

Tridus: No you've done it. Azriel left!

SoulTaker: I can't get back into my pants!

(SM_007 throws pants at SoulTaker.)

Tridus: Why'd you do THAT for?

SM_007: I dunno.

RStefan01: I'm sexy!

SM_007: No you're not!

RStefan01: I'm not?

SM_007: No.

RStefan01: Oh.

(RStefan01 hangs his head in his pants and leaves.)

Tridus: Aw, that was mean!

RStefan01: Yeah, that was unsexy!

SM_007: Wait, didn't you just leave?

RStefan01: No.

(SM_007 spontaneously combusts in his pants, quite messy.)

RStefan01: Sexy!

kwerkey: Communism!

Tyrant: Facism!

rRaminrodt: I have said nothing up until this point!

Tridus: Yes, that's true. How are you?

(Tridus sips some pants.)

rRaminrodt: Good, good. How are the pants?

(rRaminrodt sips some pants.)

Tridus: Great, great. Is little Billy still doing well in his pants?

SM_007: Man I'm bored. Well, this counts as a story!

RStefan01: You think that *you* are bored? Pants!



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