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*a for sale sign appears on the Dark Lords Keep*

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-03-09 00:00:00

** Sitting inside his keep, Tridus is sitting in his throne recovering from the fight with MysteryMan and the shock Sashie gave him. Sashie is sitting on a desk.**

T - ... I can't believe you did that to me!

S - you were being mean!

T - *sigh* no I'm not, its for their own good!

S - no, you mean!

T - look... I'm the adult here, you just don't understand these things.

*Sashie starts making crying noises*

T - oh don't start that.... alright, I'm sorry. I won't do it anymore, ok?

S - really?

T - yes, really. The rent on this place was getting kind of execessive anyway.

S - yay!

T - now come on, lets go tell them that they won... but first I'm going to call my Real Estate Agent.

*Tridus places a call to his real estate agent and puts the keep up on the market, then changes back into his normal clothes and walks down to the forum with Sashie in hand, looking for MysteryMan. After some searching, he walks into the area where MM and SM are knocked out by Sam's device.*

T - Hey Mysteryma...uhh... ? *looks at them unconscious* Gee, I sure picked a bad time to surrender.

*T looks around the area and eveuntally sees the box, and walks over to it, looking inside*

T - hmm... this doesn't look promising.

*Tridus sits down, sets Sashie down, hooks up his cell phone, and connects to the Internet. From there he proceeds to do a lookup on several rather illegal websites for information on this particular device.*

T - Well thats quite nasty, I wonder how it got here! Hey... what if they were planning on using it to attack me? why those!!!

T - well.. I better destroy it before they come to, don't want them having a weapon like this.

*T looks up the plans for the device, and after not really being able to understand them, visits the sites newsgroup and asks how one disables such a device. Before long, an answer arrives.*

T - ok.. this sounds easy enough. Sashie, wirecutters please.

*T extends his hand out, and a pair of small wirecutters appear in them. T then proceeds to start snipping wires seemingly at random, watching the display on his screen all the while.*

T - oops....

*The countdown clock speeds up*

T- Wrong one.... *continues*

T - Ok... it says here the last step is to drop something heavy on it. hmmm... *looks around for something heavy* Ahh, I know!

*T picks up MysteryMan and drops him head first onto the device. It makes a whining noise, and then sputters out and shuts down. MysteryMan thuds down to the ground again, still unconscious.*

T - There... now lets go home and wait for them to wake up...

*T walks back up to his keep, and at the driveway notices a "Sold" sign.*

T - that was fast!

S - very fast!

T - *calls up his real-estate agent*

T - yes... yes hi.. yes I saw that... who was it?... Who??... what kind of a stupid name is that??? Well, alright, thanks. Yes, I'll be around later on to do the paperwork... bye.

*Walking back up to his keep, Tridus' only thoughts were 'what a stupid name that is!', and 'I wonder who taught Sashie to not be a good little girl and listen to her parents...'*

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