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Author: rRaminrodt ()
Date: 2000-05-16 00:00:00

(This is not storyverse!)

Harrold was a small zergling. Not abnormally small but he wasn't very big, and so he tended to lag behind packs of his brothers. Yet, over time he learned how to be stealthy and use his size to an advantage.
One day the zerglings were waiting around for a mission when a huge spaceship appeared over thier heads. Out of the main hanger bay extended an antenna array which began broadcasting psionic signals into the zerg base. It told them that the ship was their friend and to do what they told them. The ship landed and crews of human types exited.
A man looked at the gathered zerglings. He saw Harrold and smiled.

"Hello little fellow," rRaminrodt said. "Would you like to help me with something."

Harrold nodded.

"Good." rRaminrodt knealt down and began to whisper in Harrolds ear. THen he pulled a letter out of his pocket and stuck this to Harrolds back.

Harrold ran and ran and ran, on his mission for the nice man. When he got to the place called "Tridus's base" he shredded though the command center and jumped up at the man in the command center.
Standing on Tridus's desk, Harrold shook himself and the letter fell off. Before the man called Tridus could say anything, Harrold ran back home.

When he arrived, the nice man knealt down again and patted Harrolds head. "Good boy," he smiled. "I'll make you my special messenger zergling."

Harrold smiled and danced around in a circle. This was the best day ever.

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