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Web server stats:

Author: Tyrant~|TOA| ()
Date: 2000-05-16 00:00:00

Well I have been quoted this:

Linux OS (I need to learn Linux) or Win 2000 Office
128MB ram
P2 450
Asus Mother board
40.6 gig HD
then your basic stuff on top of that.

If I want to add game server Then I get another 40.6 gig and another 128 MB ram with a P3 850 and some other stuff. I can't remember what it is. But it is for a faster net connection. I know a T1 Here costs about $1200/month But I can get as low as $700 if I go out of town.

On Tuesday, May 16, 2000 at 3:51:37 PM Tridus wrote:
>the price of that kind of bandwidth varies drastically depending on where you are... you'd have to call up some of the major internet providers who offer business service in your area and talk to them about the cost.
>And your getting a $1000 webserver? How powerful is it? What OS?
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