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*Psycho Sam walks into the forum*

Author: Psycho Sam! ()
Date: 2000-03-09 00:00:00

*The forum was quiet. Although there were many forumers walking about, it seemed, somehow, empty. Seemingly out of nowhere, Psycho Sam! walks into the room carrying a box*

MysteryMan- Hey, I thought you were missing. Didn't you dissapear in your lab a while ago?

Psycho Sam- Umm, I think you're thinking about another Psycho Sam! I have a present for you.

MysteryMan- Ooh, a present. *MysteryMan opens the box*

*Inside the box he notices what seems to be some mechanical device filled with some chemical. It had a timer on it, and it was counting down. For some reason, the voice that was counting down sounded an awful lot like Steve Martin. It had 7 hours left until it was finished counting*

MysteryMan- This isn't a bomb, is it?

*Instead of answering, Psycho Sam just stood there, smiling. Although he normally smiles alot, his smile this time seemed somewhat different. Evil somehow*

Psycho Sam- Umm, I think it's some new kind of clock, doesn't it look new?

MysteryMan- I guess. What's it counting down for? And why does it sound like Steve Martin?

Psycho Sam- It isn't. You're imagining things. On a completely unrelated note, I have to go now. Please do not try and disarm the clock, ok?

*With a suspicious look MysteryMan assured Sam that he wouldn't, but he was getting suspicious*

MysteryMan- Hey SM_007! Could you come here for a second? I have something here I need you to look at!

*SM_007 walks up to MysteryMan and looks into the box*

SM_007- I think it's a bomb. Let me try to stop it from counting down.

*As SM_007 tries to disarm it, he notices a big rted button which says "Do not press". Instinctively, he pressed it, but instead of disarming it like he had hoped, it released a gas that put him and MysteryMan to sleep*

*Psycho Sam walked away laughing to himself. Only 7 hours left...*

I am Sam!
Psycho Sam!
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