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The DisArmation...

Author: Reed ()
Date: 2000-03-09 00:00:00

Guys, I'm really sorry if you had a section planned, but I fear that everyone will be asleep by the time the bomb explodes, so enjoy...you still may be able to make another part!

Sid screamed in pain as Goon#1 held him by the neck. A table, upside down on the floor, lays on a knocked out Soul Taker. Akardam is rapidly punching Goon#2, while the goon is fighting back.

The goon throws Sid against the ground. He bounces, moaning, off the ground. Akardam leaps onto Goon#2 and bites him. "Gosh, are you made of rubber?"

As everything was fading, Sid remembered that they had found the bomb on a table in MysteryMan's room. The goons had taken it out of the safe, and put it on the table to confuse them. Now, it seemed like all hope was lost...

Akardam lept off Goon#2 and faced Goon#1. The Goon smiled at him, showing his teeth. Akardam couldn't believe his good luck, and he kicked the goon right in the teeth. The goon screamed and fell to the floor.

Akardam turned to face Goon#2. He was clearly the stronger one, while #1 was just a fat blob. However, #2 was very strong and wise.

Goon #1 picked up a iron bar he and Goon#2 had used to pry open the safe. He swung at Akardam, who ducked. Akardam saw that another bar was on the floor, and he picked it up.

Akardam whacked Goon#1 in the stomach. He bent over, and Akardam knocked him on the head with it. He leaned towards the ground and moaned. However, he suddenly took Akardam by surprise by ramming in to him. Goon#1 then cracked him on the head with the bar.

Akardam knew he was about to faint, but he told himself he must stay awake if Riptide was to be saved. He backed away as Goon#1 walked towards him.

At this time, MysteryMan arrived. He looked around and saw Sid6.9 on the ground, with goon#2 beside him. SoulTaker lay under a table, and Akardam seemed to be fighting with Goon#1. Then he saw it-the bomb! He ran towards it, preparing to hit the button that would stop it from exploding.

As he ran towards the table, Goon#2, who had just waken up, grabbed him from the floor. MysteryMan fell, and stood up while the goon was holding on to his feet. He reached out, but his arms weren't quite long enough to reach the button. Oh, if only the goon would let go!

Suddenly, through the door, Dark Lord Tridus entered. He looked beat up, and very tired. He had two black eyes. However, he could see MysteryMan preparing to hit the button that would disarm the bomb! He dashed towards him, preparing to knock him towards the ground.

MysteryMan saw Tridus approaching, and realized he couldn't hit the button...but Tridus could. As Tridus lept into the air to tackle him, MysteryMan ducked.

Tridus flew over MysteryMan's head, and landed...on the button. A loud, clear, voice, much like Sashie's, said "Bomb Disarmed".

Tridus roared with anger. MysteryMan jerked his foot from the surprised goons grasp. He rans towards Sid, tripped over him stupidly, and hit the wall. Akardam was soon beside him, after hitting the goon with the bar right in the eyes.

Goon#1 and Goon#2 got up, behind the Dark Lord Tridus. The Dark Lord glared at them angrily. "You idiots, I'm gonna put you though a fate worse then death! I will make sure the rest of your lives are spent in pain!"

MysteryMan turned his head as he heard guns shooting. A window broke. MysteryMan gasped as one figure jumped through one window, guns in hand...

The DisArmation... - Reed - 2000-03-09 00:00:00