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OK, StarCraft the Card game. Here is a basic overview with some examples. You could begin to play.

Author: Tyrant~|TOA| ()
Date: 2000-05-15 00:00:00

Introduction to the game.

This games first major con is its need for counters. You will require mass amounts. However in this way you will maintain most of the versatility that the popular PC game has. You can play with 2 to 10 players (recommended but more can be added) as well as teams. Their will also be a point system developed for cards for other versions of play.

You will need a large play area to play this game as cards locations will be important.

One of the biggest diffrences will be some added event cards, wich will be optional, they will help enhance the game. You could counter a Nuke or find extra minerals in someones supply to steal.

One major problem so far is observing cloaked units. I have yet to figure out this aspect however the rest is nearly complete, here I have listed just some of the main points.

This game is also going to use REGULAR SC Units and Not Broodwar. Brood War is and would be an Expansion with diffrent rules for units.


Vaspene and Crystal You have cards much like lands. You place 10 counters on each when they are in play. Each Turn you may remove 1 counter and add to your supply depot. (NOTE:Your command center will have a max mineral storage, you will need to make more pylons/overlords/supply depots to hold more minerals, as well as to increase your unit limit)

Structure Cards:

These would be your buildings. They would have a Mineral cost (Crystal and gas)
They would then come into play face down with counters on them (building time)
Each turn you remove one counter. Then it comes into play. Then you can use the buildings ability
(example: Engeneering Bay, two types. When it comes into play it is either armour or weapon upgrade.)

Card Example:
|Armoury 5C5G|
| 3 turns |
|Card picture |
|This Will give +1 |
|to all air attacks|
|Structure strength|
| 15 |

The Cards I assure you will be of far better quality.

Buildings with addons will have a diffrent card pile for the addon upgrades.(like cloaking or lockdown)
Buildings will not have seperate cards to make the upgrade. You will just add counters for the addon time and turn the card sideways to note that it is unable to be used untill the addon is complete. The Zrg and Protoss buildings will have Variations of this simply because they do not have addons.

As for supply structurs:
Pylons will still need to power buildings. However, they will have counters for how much power they can produce. And buildings will have diffrent power requirements. Example: The Space Port will require more Power than the robotics bay. This will be similar to the game. You can only fit a certain number of buildings within the psi, and depending on their size will depend on how many. As for unit counts. The pylon will supply 8 as normal and have a mineral capacity for holding mined minerals.

Terran supply depots will increase units by 8 and have a total for mineral storage.

Zerg overlords will add 8 to unit max as well and will also give a total for mined minerals.
Each unit will have a unit size (this will be more representative to size than the real game. Being that units can be of size 1 to 3 (not 1 or 2) The overlord will have a max carry number as will shuttles and transports. As for observer range I am still working on this.

Now about drones, SCV's and Larve. The Zerg Hive will gain counters each turn. Once 2 counters have been placed a player may remove 2 to use a larve. SCV's and drones will just have a counter build time. Players must have the reletave card to create the unit.

How will you mine and build? The Drones,and SCV's will be assigned to a land. (Placed sideways under it. As long as it is like this it will mine one counter from that "land" each turn. You cannot mine and build in the same turn with a SCV or Drone.

To build you will either do the following:

Terran, Unit will be sideways under building untill complete. (see attaking Terran section for further notes on this)

Protoss. Unit will spend two turns sideways under building before it can continue on.

Zerg, Unit will be removed from play when building is complete.
Building times will vary to reflect the game Protoss being the longer building times and zerg the fastest.

Terrand can repair buildings buy being placed under building sideways for however many turns is required.

You start with your command center in play. Your command center will outline your races ability, and what ever bonuses you have. There are the tree races and each race will have 3 diffrent command centers for variety.

You would draw 7 cards from your regular deck and 3 from your Ugrades deck. Each turn you draw one from your main deck, and each time a building wich has an upgrade is made you draw from the upgrade pile.

You can have upto 15 cards at one time before you need to discard.

Cards wich have an ability that requires time (cloaking, Lockdown stasis) all will require counters, when in use, or the target amount is ment you can remove counters.
(example: A wraith would require 3 counters, to attack once cloaked, lockdown would require 6 counters to lock something down for 3 turns.)

When attacking each unit will have a defence and offence. Units attack at the same time unless special circumstances occur. In this game Flying units can only be attacked by some ground units.
A Marine cannot fire on a Battle Cruser. It is just not logical. First the rounds would do virtually no damage, and the Battle Cruser is just to high in the sky. However, wraiths because of their size could be fired on after an upgrage. Just as a Battle Cuuser could use splash damage VS smaller units while regular on med to large.

Example: VS zerglings and Marines. A Battle Cruser could do 8 damage. Now this would be split evenly among all the units. But VS a Tank or Reever it would just do all 8 to the unit. Now this is not final. The Battle Crusers special ability would be listed on the card how to use.

Now unit speed is another issue I am currently having trouble with. However just making them all the same speed would greatly speed up the game and reduce the amount of cards and upgrades.
I may just add another set of rules optional for players who want to use this factor.

OK, now a mock battle Terran VS Terran.

Terran unit will have basic 2 attack/2 life with no upgrades. All Drones/SCV's will have 1/1.
Now to win a game you must destroy all of a players buildings.

6 marines attack Player 2. Player two has 4 marines. 2 of player 1's marines get through. Now if their is no other resistance (player 2 choses not to lose 2 SCV's per marine) then the Marines can attack buildings.

Now if a SCV is building a building the player can attack the SCV or the building. By attacking the building one counter is removed for each attacking unit, not the amont of damage it does.
(reason being some buildings take 3-6 turns to be built). OR, they could attack the SCV. SCV's get a life bonus of +1 when building or Reparing.
So player 1 could attack the SCV building and have the other attack the building.
Now if a Building is destroyed while it is being built. The SCV will take 1 damage. If the SCV and not the building is destroyed. The Building remains as it was untill a new SCV continues to build it.

Now the two remaining soldiers chose to attack two SCV's mineing. Once a unit has attacked it returnes to base. (scince speed in not being accounted for. If it was the unit would stay and continue to attack each round untill killed).

Each turn Players attack eachother or not, as play sequence will decide.

Sequences of play:

Mine Minerals
Add counters to buildings undersonstruction
Draw a card
Remove dead units from play/add damage counters to damaged buildings
Add counters to upgrageds
Discard to 15 cards

That is one turn.

More to come....

From Senator Tyrant
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OK, StarCraft the Card game. Here is a basic overview with some examples. You could begin to play. - Tyrant~|TOA| - 2000-05-15 00:00:00