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(storyverse) Revenge is sweet (storyverse)

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-05-15 00:00:00

Revenge is sweet

The helicopter was flying uncontrollably against the shimmering blue force field that surrounded the city. RStefan01 desperately tried to regain control over the helicopter, but it was impossible after the MysterySoldier had yanked out most of the controls.

"If we collide with the force field, we will be disintegrated! We have only one alternative!"

With these words, RStefan01 grabbed Edge in his left hand and kwerkey in his other, and jumped out of the helicopter. A few seconds later, the helicopter crashed into the force field. Electrical lightning shot through the helicopter as it turned into black ash. As RStefan01 was falling through the air with Edge and kwerkey in his arms, they began to realize what would happen next. They would die. There was no way that they could survive this fall. They closed their eyes, and waited.

"Look at you pathetic fools... Did you really think you could get away this easy? No, no, no... Death is too good for you."

Edge, RStefan01 and kwerkey opened their eyes. They were in a large room with black walls. the perfectly clean marble floors reflected the large MysteryMan banners on the walls. In front of them, MysteryMan sat in a large throne, smiling evilly.

"Death is too easy. I decided to teleport you into my flagship, 'Enigma', so that you could be punished for your sins."

Edge frowned.

"Why are you doing this to us? ...And why are you alive? You were killed!"
"Why do you think I am doing this? It's about revenge, Edge... Those who killed me must pay."
"But why us? We didn't kill you!"

MysteryMan leapt up from his throne, and yelled at Edge.

"Don't tell me you're innocent! My killers were members of Riptide!"

Edge stood speechless. He could not believe what he was hearing... It was insane. It didn't make sense. MysteryMan had gone completely crazy.

"Let me show you why I want revenge!", MysteryMan yelled. He grabbed the sword beside his throne, and swiftly moved the blade to his forehead. And cut. Then, with the other hand, he took the part of his skin... And ripped it off. Behind his skin, a silvery, slightly bloody metal surface could be seen. He continued to rip off the rest of his face, revealing silvery metal everywhere. His electronic eyes whirred quietly as they moved around.

"Do you now see the reason for my rage?!?", MysteryMan yelled. "Those who has done this to me must PAY!! You destroyed my human body... I was forced to become a cyborg if I wanted to survive... You will pay for this, Riptide. Indeed you will."

Edge stepped back, shocked.

"Please, MysteryMan... Riptide has no responsibility for this."

Just as Edge finished, the large doors at the other end of the room opened, and BandWidth was dragged in by two MysterySoldiers, handcuffed. They walked up to the to the front of the throne. MysteryMan smiled.

"Very well. Release him."

One of the MysterySoldiers pressed a button on a small remote control, and the BandWidth was freed. MysteryMan sat down in his throne.

"So... 'Mr. president', now you're not so powerful anymore, eh?"
"What do you want, MysteryMan?", BandWidth asked.

He laughed quietly, and continued.

"As the so-called 'president' of Riptide, you should be ultimately responsible for the actions of the people you govern over. So I charge you responsible for the murder of... MysteryMan."
"Take him away. And his pitiful friends too."

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