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MysteryTalk!...is delayed

Author: Anonymous (Mystery Men)
Date: 2000-03-08 00:00:00

The camera shows the two Mystery Men smiling at the camera. However, the middle seat, which normally is MysteryMan's seat, is empty.

Mystery Men#1 - MysteryTalk!...has been delayed, sad to say. Our President, MysteryMan, has bravely gone up to beat up Tridus and disarm the bomb. So, our brave President will be gone today...

Mystery Men#2 - So, MysteryTalk! will be delayed today...

**Suddenly, a knock is heard. The camera moves to the left, and Adun975, who looks beat up, is at the door. One of the Mystery Men gets up, and answers the door.**

Adun975 - Hey, I could be on the show, I bet you guys could be good hosts.

Mystery Men#1 - Well...I'll bet MysteryMen would be pleased. Sit down.

**The camera shifts back to the seats, the two Mystery Men sit down, and Adun975 sits in a chair.**

Mystery Men#1 - Well, what should we discuss today?

Adun975 - The DiabloII delayed release!

Mystery Men#2 - Well, ok, then...hey, why are you beat up?

Adun975 - Oh, I had to break out of jail.

Mystery Men#2 - Why'd you get put in jail?

Adun975 - I played "Blue" over and over, and one of you people put me in jail...oh, crud...

**Adun suddenly realizes Mystery Men#1 was the one who shot the CD-Player. Mystery Men#1 leaps up**

Mystery Men#1 - Bastard! I lost part of my hearing in my left ear because of you!

**Adun attempts to run. The two Mystery Men chase after him. They run out of the camera's range. The sounds of adun screaming and people punching is heard. The camera goes offline**

**Two minutes later, the camera is turned on again. Adun975, is hung upside down from the ceiling, tied upside down. Mystery Men#1 steps forward.**

Mystery Men#1 - As punishment, Adun must listen to "Blue" being played over and over at ear-splitting...sound.

Mystery Men#2 - We hope you turn of your TV.

**Mystery Men#2 turns on the CD-Player, and "Blue" plays dangerously loud. Mystery Men#1 and #2 leave...**

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