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Just seen Battlefield Earth, My review inside.

Author: Tyrant~|TOA| ()
Date: 2000-05-14 00:00:00

WARNING: This is not a spoiler. Sorry to dissapoint.

Earth 3000A.D. Reduced to near cave man status, all of mans knowledge is gone.
With a similar plot to Independance Day, Aliens have come to earth to strip it of its resources. Too bad this reality didn't have a Goldbloom.

The Aliens have landed and defeated our armies and so hundreds of years have passed.

The story line is good, however, we humans seem to think we can out smart anything. That our will to survive is stronger than that of any Alien we have encountered. However, with the past few years holding many Movie about us and Space invaders, be it aliens or asteroids, we always come out on top.

This movie has some good humor, lots of action and a few more personal sacrifices to save the human race than most movies of this type.

One thing I though Kinda bad was the Script. The Humans had a decent script, but the aliens was thrown together. With a very shallow base of motivation for the aliens (more like the Ferengi of Star Trek) They were all business and backstabbing was a tool of the trade, an often used one, but it had its irony which most people will enjoy.

This is also the first movie that Franchise Productions has helped produce. I thing they need some work still. Their are many cuts in the early part of the film that make little point and are very short.

Now to the Big name. Travolta. What was he on when he signed up for this one. With movies like: Powder, Face Off, Michel and Phenomenon (please forgive me bad spelling) He has lost his mind. His character was rather poor and that was with Travolta behind it. Imagine if it was a lesser indavidual.

The special effects were not to bad. The alien costumes were kinda off the shelf looking however. But with a budget like they had. You cannot expect the Like of Aliens series or Predator.

Over all a good movie to RENT or see at a discount theater or on a cheap tuesday. Mind you as a BIG SCi-FI Fantasy fan. I will most likely see it again before it reaches tape.

Out of my rateing:

sound track: excelent 2:5 (none of one to really speak of. It never got my attention)
theme : excelent 3:5 (Only cause it has been over done)
entertainment: great 4:5 (Good action, had some neat points and ironic humor)
Value for your money: 3.5:5 (wait till VHS or a value tuesday)

I was entertained and thought not to bad a movie.

But don't take my word for it. Go see it for your self.

Senator Tyrant

Just seen Battlefield Earth, My review inside. - Tyrant~|TOA| - 2000-05-14 00:00:00