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Well, then at least we're both babbling and missing points, hehe.

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-05-14 00:00:00

Just ONE last thingie...

You can make arguments about being trustworthy and stuff all you want, but if you can't explain why more then one person needs access to the user database, any other argument is a moot point.

Look at this from the other direction. It's a safety thing. In case you ever have to go away or something happens and the like. I'd be here to pick up the slack, however temporarily that may be. Sure, odds are that I wouldn't need to have the Administrator abilities most of the time, but they're there just in case. The fact that I am trustworthy and compitent and that kinda stuff just shows that there's no reason why I SHOULDN'T be an Administrator. See my point? You may disagree, but do you see my point? I explained why I should be again and again, and said why there's no reason why I SHOULDN'T be an Administrator. So, start telling me why I shouldn't be, instead of saying "Why?" after I have came back and answered that question.

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