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Repost: Javascript

Author: kwerkey ()
Date: 2000-05-14 00:00:00

Because I'm never going to get any more replies from down there:
Can anyone give me a Javascript code for a page that has 2 frames already made? I want it because I have a web service that gives me a good URL (a domain to be exact), but they have a frame at the bottom of the screen gets shown. I'd like that frame at the bottom to be removed, but keep the domain name shown in the address bar of the browser, which is why I'm talking about an invisible frame. This what should happen when someone visits the page:
  1. Person goes to a page with 2 frames, a main frame and a bad frame

  2. The main frame adds a new invisible frame (to keep the address static)

  3. Javascript detects if there is a frame other than the main and invisble frames

  4. Javascript turns off the bad frame

  5. The ending result is with the main frame, the invisible frame, and the original URL in the address bar

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