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MysteryMan VS Sid6.9, and the Escape

Author: Reed ()
Date: 2000-03-08 00:00:00

"What the heck were you doing back there? You didn't help us!" MysteryMan said angrily to Sid6.9. "We lost, and we might have won if you had helped!"

"Sorry, I wasn't ready to fight Tridus!"

"Yeah, guess you suck at fighting!"

"Oh, do shut up!" snapped Akardam, while busily trying to unlock the door in the dungeon.

MysteryMan sighed. "You do suck at fighting!"

"You lie! I can show you my skills is needed!" Sid6.9 replied.

"Prove it!"

MysteryMan got into fighting position, as Sid did too. MysteryMan threw a punch, and Sid ducked. Sid tackled MysteryMan, and got on top of him, punching him.

"Guys, we might need to fight, so don't beat each other," Akardam said. As the two didn't stop fighting, he sighed and continued to work the lock.

MysteryMan shoved Sid off. He jumped up, and kicked him in the face. Sid tried to get up, but MysteryMan pinned him down. He was preparing to smash his teeth in when they heard footsteps.

For a moment, everyone froze. Then, MysteryMan lept off Sid and ran over to a corner, pretending to be bored. Sid, still on the floor, pretended he was taking a nap. Akardam found a piece of paper in his pocket and pretended to play Tic-Tac-Toe.

The Dark Lord Tridus arrived, with his two goons behind him.

"Hm...hello, my friends. I came to visit you...and I brought a friend," Dark Lord Tridus told the party.

One of the goons behind Tridus opened the door, and throws SoulTaker in. He lands with a bumb on the cell floor.

Akardam, suddenly realizing the door is open, casually slides his foot into right by the door. Goon #1 slams the door, right on Akardam's foot. He manages not to scream, and the door is slightly open, because his foot is blocking the door.

The Dark Lord Tridus turns to leave, but he sees Akardam's foot. His glances at it a second, and says to MysteryMan, "I think I will see you later..." He smiles a cruel smile, and leaves. The goons quickly follow.

"Look, guys, I don't have much time, but I found what you were looking for Akardam! The goons caught me, but I hid it! Let's work it!" SoulTaker told the group breathlessly.

Akardam, red from his foot, stares hard at the object. He fiddles with it, and suddenly he gasps. He looks up, and tells them where the bomb is.

"Tridus is a clever man," Sid6.9 says, "it's too bad he's the Dark Lord now."

"Ok, let's leave," MysteryMan says quickly.

"Well...the goons are blocking the path," SoulTaker tells MysteryMan. "However, I have a plan."

SoulTaker takes out a cell phone and dials 1-800-gogoons. The goons in the other room answer.

"Hello, is this Go Goons?" SoulTaker asks in a high-pitched, girl voice. "Yes...no, I don't need to make a point, I need a...date.

MysteryMan, Akardam, and Sid6.9 try hard not to laugh.

"Yes, well...I called up Big Sexy, but...it wasn't enough for me." SoulTaker begins walking out of the cell. Everyone else follows, as they pass the goon's office. After they pass it, they begin to run towards an exit sign.

"...yes, it will be fun," SoulTaker says. He listens, and then emits a high-pitched giggle. "See you there...honey..." He presses the off button, and says in his normal voice, "Heehee, that was fun!"

The part reaches the exit door. Next to it, is a door with the words "Dark Lord" on it.

"Guys...I must...deal with the Dark Lord. This terror can not go on forever..." MysteryMan tells the group. "Now, exit! Find the bomb and disarm it!" The group, minus MysteryMan, know not to argue with their President. They leave.

MysteryMan heads through the door, and reaches another. The door reads...

Attention! No one can enter. Except, MysteryMan...spell out the name of the item I took from your vault on the keyboard below.

MysteryMan entered the door, and approached a throne. The Dark Lord Tridus stands up. "MysteryMan...I knew you would come. You always want to be the hero, the one to win. Well, you shan't win this time."

Tridus rolls up his sleeves, and grins. "Come on, MysteryMan...see if you can defeat me!"

MysteryMan VS Sid6.9, and the Escape - Reed - 2000-03-08 00:00:00
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