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OK, let's get this Psycho Sam prequel stuff settled once and for all...

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-05-14 00:00:00

Quoted from rRaminrodts story, 'Staring at the fire':

>> Sam's Lab ship T -20 Hrs. 33 Min. <<

Sam shrugged, "Get home? I don't know. But this space station is supposed to have a great cloning lab. They should have a Fabuloso back up and running again in no time."
BandWidth's eyes bugged out, "That freak show? You want to resurrect him? I can stand your antics, but both of you? No way, no how."
Pal made a sound that seemed an awful lot like laughter, "It's repairable you silly people. Just start working on it and by the time Fabuloso is alive, the drives should be ready again."
Bandwidth stomped his foot, "The heck were waiting, RStefan, rRaminrodt, you guys get down there and fix that thing!"
"I got the door locked!" Sam shouted, "I'm going to revive fabuloso!"
Edge broke into the fight, "Sam, you unlock the door so we can begin repairs and then head down to the station. When you get back, we go home. Got it."
Sam grumbled and looked down, "Okay." He hit a few buttons and then spoke, "Its unlocked but I passworded the navigational controls so you can't leave without me." He turned around, "Cmon Lou, get Fabuloso to the shuttle!"
Sam and Lou left the bridge dragging the corpse behind them.
kwerkey just shook his head, "Well that was weird."

>> Sam's Lab ship T -10 Hrs. 49 Min. <<

Lou look scared as he entered the bride in front of Sam, behind them walked a large person, a very large person.
Lou looked at Sam and wimpered, "I didn't know the growth hormones would make him that big. At least he's not as mean as he used to be…"
Sam sneered, "Sure, he can't even talk now!"
"Its not that bad… He's like Peak Man now, like, you know from the Friday Deathmatches on TV."
"Shut up Lou."
kwerkey looked at Sam. "We finished the repairs an hour ago. Are you ready to go now?"
"Yes. Computer unlock navigational controls, password: Psycho Sam."
"You used your name as a password?"
"I wouldn't forget that way now would I?"
rRaminrodt rolled his eyes, "Can we just engage those damn engines? We've spent better part of a day out here doing nothing. Tridus could be in trouble."
Edge shook his head, "Engage the portal Sam."
"Fine, fine." He punched a few controls. A second later the ship appeared back a few meters above the swamp, and suddenly smashed into the ground.
Pal began to moan, "That was awful. The portal generator, and the engines, and the floor are totally messed up now. The ship was overwigheted!"
The mute Fabuloso made a childlike like smile. Sam wailed, "Noooooooooooooooo."
Pal started to complain, "That trip totally ruined my mood. I hate you Sam. You do the cruelest things to me…"
Edge stuck his fingers in his ears. Then he began to hum. RStefan looked around the room for a second. He spied one particualar panel and smashed his fist through the console and pulled out an electronic device.
He pointed to the exit. "I got the subspace transmitter. Lets go, I don't want to hear this anymore."
They all filed out of the room, leaving Sam, Lou and Fabuloso to Pal's tirade.

OK, if you exchange the above quoted excerpt from rRaminrodts story with "The Psycho Ship goes to somewhere, ressurects Fabuloso McWilly, and returns", it actually makes sense. Edge and crew could actually spend lots of time on that space station, kill some aliens and save the universe, whatever. As long as it wouldn't change any of the current storyverse characters, items or concepts, or introduce anything new, it could still be exchanged with that excerpt from rRaminrodts story, and make sense. So Psycho Sam could actually write as many prequel stories with his space station and digimon trainers as he wanted, it could be inserted into that excerpt of rRaminrodts story, and still make sense. Provided that no changes were made by Psycho Sams stories. No new characters, items, concepts, nothing.

Now, Psycho Sam, I propose a deal:

You have stated that you want to finish your story stuff on that space station somewhere far away. Sure, go ahead. On one condition: All your stuff should be able to be exchanged with that except from rRaminrodts story, and still make sense.

That means that you can't bring any new characters back from that space station, no new items, no new concepts, nothing. The reason? If you, for example, bring back a new character, rRaminrodts story and all the future stories won't make sense, since they won't incorporate that character.

In short: Psycho Sam, write as many prequels you want, as long as all your stories on that space station could be exchanged with the excerpt from rRaminrodts story, and still make sense. Also it shouldn't affect rRaminrodts story and future stoies in any way.

So you can't bring back a magical artifact that turns monkeys into scientists (that was just an example :P), because that wouldn't fit into the storyverse described by rRaminrodt and future stories - since that artifact wouldn't be incorporated by rRaminrodts story and future stories - so no references would be made to that artifact.


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OK, let's get this Psycho Sam prequel stuff settled once and for all... - SoulTaker - 2000-05-14 00:00:00
-I agree with you, one hundred percent. - SM_007 - 2000-05-14 00:00:00