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Good god! The storyverse is in utter chaos!

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-05-14 00:00:00

There is no way that the 3 newest stories can fit together! I propose that we start a discussion about what should be done.

It seems to me that in Psycho Sams story, "D'now how do we get home?", the psycho ship ended up being stranded on a planet in the other end of the galaxy.

Then, in rRaminrodts story, "Staring at the fire" (apparently starting shortly before Psycho Sams), the Psycho ship teleported to somewhere with a cloning lab, Fabuloso McWilly was resurrected, and the Psycho Ship returned home. Then BandWidth was kidnapped, Edge and crew took control over one of MysteryMans helicopters, and rRaminrodt died.

After that, Psycho Sam wrote another story, named "Farewell to a... Friend?", where the riptide group suddenly was back on a mysterious planet on the other side of the galaxy. Apparently, Psycho Sam hadn't noticed rRaminrodts story, so all rRaminrodts changes to the storyverse was... well, ignored.

There is no way that those three stories can fit together. We should begin a lil' debate on what to do.

Oh, and to avoid sticky situations like this one in the future, I suggest that we create some general guidelines for writing storyverse stories. For example, "Before you write a new story, check the forum storyboard listing to make sure that you haven't missed any stories."

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