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help needed =).... again

Author: lil bo shepherd ()
Date: 2000-05-14 00:00:00

Hmm this is odd. Today my internet connections starting being just plain horrible. If my connection lasted for 10 minutes before it disconnected, it would sit there and maybe recieve a kilobyte a minute. Also, sometimes my mouse starts lagging horribly as it jumps from place to place, and the only things i will be running on my computer may be only one open browser window. Normally opera or ie. Another odd thing is happenning too, my double left mouse click wont work anymore. My single left mouse click does what its supposed to, my right mouse click does what its supposed to, but my double left mouse clcik doesnt. Also, once, out of the middle of nowhere the computer just restarted. This is kind of worrying me a little bit, thanks.

MY name is lil bo shepherd
dont call me lil bo dullard
dont call me little bo sheep
my name is lil bo shepherd

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