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(Post Box Zug-Zug)Fairwell to a... friend?

Author: Psycho Sam! ()
Date: 2000-05-13 00:00:00

OK, this story is being written due to the lack of people posting despite the fact that there's at least 4 people logged in right now. This may be inacurate because I was kinda confused on what was going on with rRaminrodt's last story, but here we go anyway.

Also note that at least ONE character will die, but that's for you to guess.
Edge- We're thousands of light years away from Earth without any way of getting home. Only you could get us in a situation this bad and not give a damn...

Psycho Sam- Well SORRY! I didn't mean to get us lost. Maybe if you guys didn't make enemies with MysteryMan, he would have never shot my ship down the first time. Actually, if you had just lent me your ship, we could have avoided all of this.

BandWidth- You just don't get it, do you? I'm sick and tired of having to clean up after you. RStefan01, take sam to the brig!

Sam- Not so fast. This is my ship, and what I say goes! And you're not sending me to the brig on my own ship. Only I am able to use the confusing controls, and only I know all the access codes, so I need to be in command.

RStefan01- I could beat the information out of you. And then we wouldn't need you.

Sam- Well yeah, but Pal's been instructed to completely shut down the ship if anything happens to me at the hands of any of you.

rRaminrodt- Darn it. Well I guess maybe we should get the ship fixed.

Pal- Well, you could do that, and I'm sure I'd like it alot, but I'd need some new parts.

Crazy Lou- Well, where can we get these new parts?

Pal- You could try the space station.

Sam- Which space station?

Pal- The one locking their weapons onto us.

*The ship rocked as it had been hit by some form of missile*

Pal- Oh, looks like the ship's going to need more new parts than I thought.

Edge- We've got to do something! Do we have any weapons?

Pal- We have torpedo tubes, but nothing to shoot out of them. Luckily the space station wants to talk with us. Should I open a link to them?

Sam- No way! Keep firing!

Lou- I think we should hear what they have to say.

Sam- Ah well, OK. Lou, you try to convince them not to shoot at us, and me and the guys'll think of something to do.

Lou- Well, OK.

*Sam and the gang ran down towards the torpedo bay to try and figure out what they could shoot at the ship when they ran into a small person wearing a red vest and a red baseball cap. His name was Ash Ketchup, and this is what he stated it to be. He followed them to wherever they were going and when they got there, he stood in a corner practicing his throwing poses*

Edge- Sure he's annoying, but at least we know that if we're boarded, with Ash here, Sam can 'Digivolve' and fight them.

RStafan01- Yeah, I guess that's a plus side to it, but he sure is annoying.

Ash- I'm Ash Ketchcup! Master Digimon trainer! Psycho Sam! I chose you! Go Bulbasaur!

Sam- Be quiet Ash. Why don't you play your gameboy? You're much less irritating that way.

*A large teardrop appeared on the back of Ash's head and he fell quite suddenly to the floor.*

Ash- Aww Sam, why don't you like me?

*Edge was helping RStefan01 put some parts together into a missile when Crazy Lou came on over the ships intercom*

Lou- I don't mean to alarm you guys, but the stations getting ready to fire again. I tried to explain why we were here, but when the person in charge heard that this was Psycho Sam's ship, he went nuts.

BandWidth- Sam! What the hell did you do now?

Sam- I assure you I have no idea what he's talking about. Let's get building.

*They finished building the torpedo and loaded it into the torpedo tube just in time to intercept a missile which could have blown up another part of the ship. They built a few smaller missiles and went back to the bridge, leaving Sam and Ash to load the torpedo's.*

}}Ship's Bridge{{

RStefan01- Hey Lou, how's it going holding them off?

Lou- Well, they yelled out something about Sam destroying the universe and made some rude comments about my hat.

Edge- You're not wearing a hat.

Lou- That's what bothered me.

*A torpedo fired at the space station, knocking out one of its missile launchers.*

BandWidth- Hey, does that mean Sam's got control of the launcher?

Pal- He sure does, and man is he good at firing stuff.

Sam*over the intercom*- We're running out of missiles fast. We're going to need a peaceful solution quick.

rRaminrodt- Why don't you just shoot Fabuloso's corpse at them?

Sam- What a grand idea, except he's on the bridge right now!

RStefan01- Well, find something to shoot a hole in the station with. We could board it.

Sam- Fine fine. Maybe I can find a jagged peice of metal...

*Sam closed the commlink*

*A couple more missiles fired, and a big dent was forming in the side of the station. A couple of peices of metal fired causing more denting. A couple more shots would do it*

}}Torpedo Bay{{
Sam- Ash! Stop talking about Digimon and get over here! I need help loading these peices of metal!

Ash- Pikachu! I chose you! Go Pidgeotto! Thunderbolt attack now!

Sam- Arrgh! Do you want me to send you back up to the bridge?

Ash- Do what you must. You can't stop the worlds greatest Digimon trainer!

}}Ships bridge{{

Edge- Sam! Fire now! We need to make that hole now! They're getting ready to fire again!

Sam*over intercom*- I'm loading! I'm loading! I just could use some help, and Ash isn't hel... Never mind, I see something I can do.

*Sam closes intercom*

*A reddish object fires out of the torpedo tube, making the hole in the station much bigger. Big enough to pull the ship up next to and board the station. Sam walked up onto the bridge playing Ash's gameboy.*

rRaminrodt- Sam, you did it! Even with Ash bugging you?

Sam- Well... I knew he was useful for SOMETHING. Too bad I can't digivolve no more.

BandWidth- You didn't...

Sam- Well, does anyone really have a problem with this?

*the group looked at eachother, and realized that no one actually had much of a problem with this. They set up a little memorial to Ash in the torpedo bay, and boarded the ship. Inside there was a fairly large area with small shops sitting around. People walking around, and little bits of Ash lying around. The cleanup crew was coming ot clean up the mess and an officer came to the group to apologize for the actions of the one who shot at them. Apparently he had been under a lot of stress lately*

Sam- Well, I can say this: Ash sure made quite an impact on this station.

Edge- OK Sam... That was pretty bad. Let's just go see if we can find those parts we need.

rRaminrodt- OK, but I think something fishy's going on here... There was that stuff about Sam that that guy said.

RStefan01- He was probably just crazy. It probably doesn't really mean anyhting...

rRaminrodt- Yeah... I guess so...

Changes in this story: The annoying little Ash character is now dead. Sam has his Gameboy, and they are on the space station which actually didn't mean to shoot at them. And rRaminrodt thinks there's something suspicious about what the man said about Sam.

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