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round 2: Heroes of evil.

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-03-08 00:00:00

>Tridus starts to run towards Sid, as Sid backs away slowly...

Tridus runs past Sid and hits a button inside a panel in the wall. After doing that, he turns and looks smugly at the party.

T - Well... you fools are sure in for it now. muhahaha

*The party looks around and gathers together, not sure of what Tridus is talking about*

T - Oh, don't worry.. my surprise will be along soon enough, but in the mean time...

*Tridus charges at the group and delivers a swift kick to the stomach of Sid6.9, sending him down to the ground. Akardam tries to throw a punch at the Dark Lord, but his head is still woozy and he can't connect. Tridus turns and tries to nail MysteryMan with a punch, but the attack is blocked. Sensing that he is in danger of being surrounded, Tridus backs off.*

MM - You can't win this! Just go back to your old self!

T - Oh... I don't think so... Crusher, Low Blow, if you would be so kind as to escort these gentlemen to... the dungeon?

*Standing behind the trio are Tridus' Hired Goons. The goons quite easily manhandle the battered group and proceed to beat on them for a few minutes, after which they search the group, then drag the group down and toss them into a dank mouldy cell together. The goons then leave to go have something to eat, while Tridus' laughter can be heard echoing throughout the entire keep for several long minutes.*

"If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you..." - Martina McBride

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